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Fuellox Release Notes


0.99.992 – Android
0.99.991 – Apple

This is a major release

  • New Features to deal with multi stage refilling and batch data entry of Odometer.
  • Some fixes to our background error monitoring and control
  • Fix to hide the app preloaded which was persisting in specific errors
  • Secured new feature update endpoints


0.99.983 – Android
0.99.982 – Apple

This is a minor release

  • Fix for Apple UI bug for new iOS version
  • Disable Maintenance features when phone is not online
  • New error checking
  • Signal Strength bonito feature added
  • update display for no Fuellox system in range
  • Modified Auto Disconnect Timer
  • Hardware soft revision released
  • Modified POST logic to eliminate duplicate records

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Prior Release Notes have been archived.