Enhance Fuel Security with Fuellox: Prevent Theft with Anti syphon

Fuel Security Systems

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Fuel Security Solutions

Protect Your Fleet from Diesel TheftProtect Your Fleet from Diesel Theft

Every year millions of litres of fuel is stolen from running tanks... how much was yours?


Prevent fuel Theft from your fleet

At Fuellox, we understand the growing concern of diesel fuel theft and its impact on your business's bottom line. Every year, millions of litres of fuel are stolen from fleets across Australia, costing businesses significantly. Our mission is to safeguard your diesel fuel with cutting-edge security solutions, ensuring your fleet runs efficiently and securely.

Fuel Security Tools

  • Anti Syphon Devices
  • Diesel Protection Equipment
  • In tank fuel security
  • On road theft protection
  • Fuel Asset Protection
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The Problem

To ensure cost control and fleet reliability you must address fuel security. Theft of fuel direct from running tanks is a major problem in many areas of Australia.
And with your equipment traveling vast distances, though towns and cities to remote locations someone is going to try to steal your diesel.

Fuel is one of your highest costs and for a few hundred dollars you can have peace of mind that no one can take fuel out of your tanks.
Kockon anti syphon devices prevent the removal of fuel from your tanks – period. Simple to install with excellent reliability and long service life your diesel will be safe at all times.

Who suffers from Fuel Theft?

Fuel Resale
Bus Fleets
Earth Moving

Is your business a victim of Fuel Theft?

Diesel Theft is on the rise in Australia, with some reports indicating fuel theft to be close to $100M annually.

How much diesel could be stolen from your business each year?

Fuel Theft

Stolen Fuel is robbing you of your profits and efficiency, and possibly causing damage to equipment.

Who Steals fuel?

It's a long list, but fuel is a grudge purchase. It's a common occurrence for repeat offenders to have a 'list' of places they take fuel. Could you be on their list?

Many Suspects

Disgruntled Operators, scrupulous competitors, ex staff, and bogans. The 'free lunch' is an Aussie tradition in some circles.

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Kockon from Genesis prevents any attempt to syphon fuel from your tank

Are you at risk of Fuel Theft?

Complete our quantitative risk assessment to learn if your business is at risk of Fuel Theft.

You will receive a risk rating and a guide of how to minimise risk and commercial loss.

Risk Assessment

Fuel Security
Installation in Under 5 minutes

Kockon Classic can be installed in just a few minutes. Watch this quick video from Genesis training

See how simple it is to insert the Kockon Anti Syphon units into tanks.

Signs of Fuel Theft

You might not be aware of fuel theft in your business, but we've created a handy checklist to help you investigate further.

Equipment Damage

Do you ever notice vandalizing or damage to fill points, fuel caps or cap locks? Chances are someone is tampering with your equipment.

Loitering and Vandalism

Individuals loitering or casing your property are a sure sign. Vandalized locks, gates and fences are a sure sign they access your property.

Unattended Equipment

Large fleets of unattended vehicles and equipment are what they look for. Truck depots, construction sites and farms.

Unexplained Spills

Do you ever notice strange spills around fill points or under vehicles?

Jerry Cans

Your typical thief will usually have a couple of jerry cans in their vehicles.

Missing or Damaged Tank Caps

Are you replacing fuel tank caps at times? Missing caps while parked are a sure sign of fuel theft.

Fluctuating Fuel Consumption

Does your fleet suffer from unexplained fuel economy changes? Such as increased fuel burn with lighter payloads?

All Fleet Types

Kockon systems are designed for all vehicle types.

Any Vehicle, Any Tank

Originally designed for on road fleet Kockon by Genesis has undergone 10 years of R&D to create a wide range of systems to suit any vehicle type.

Road Transport

Civil Construction

Power Generation

Light Commercial

Lighting & Stationary

Bus & Coach

Suits any OEM

Whether you run American, Euro, or Japanese Fleets, Mixed equipment Agri or Off Road, Kockon by Genesis has an option for you.

Kockon Zipper

Extensive Range

Hi Tech options including 'live by wire' tank entry and level monitoring.

*Note: Additional services parts or costs may be required. Telematics integration subject to further evaluation.

iot fuel security - zip sensor

Zip Sensor

The Zip can alert you to each and every tank opening. Via SMS, telematics integration, on board transmission or integrated app running on in vehicle phone or tablet.


Fuel Controller

Fuel Controller will take regular tank level measurements and relay that data back to your telematics platform*. Monitor stationary tank level changes, or tank level changes between stop/starts.

Kockon Classic 80mm

Kockon 80 Classic

For fleet operators who need mechanical type protection which is easily installed, ultimately effective and virtually un-noticed by who conducts the refuelling

Kockon Ultimate

Kockon Mack II Ultimate

Kockon MACH II Ultimate weighs in at approximately half the weight of its steel parent, boasting unparalleled strength and resistance, and reduced neck diameters

Kockon Mach 2 Fuel Caps

Kockon Rotating Fuel Caps

Conventional Options address the needs of those who prefer traditional, circular rotating caps, be it high or low profile applications, with locks or without.

Ultimate Fuel Security
Genesis Kockon System Features


KOCKON has NO holes or slots, it's impossible to insert flexible pipes or tubes to syphon the content of the tank.


The progressive float lock prevents any access to the fuel located in the upper part of the tank without interfering with refuelling operations.


Due to the specially designed internal geometry, fuel flows free without turbulence, splash-back or overflow.


KOCKON is installed in seconds thanks to the proprietary bayonet and thread systems, no mechanical modifications are required to the tank or tank neck, no screws needed, no rivets, no glue or sealants.

refuel with kockon step 1


refuel with kockon step 2


refuel with kockon step 3


refuel with kockon step 4


refuel with kockon step 5


Anti Syphon Recommendation and Selection

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