About Fuellox: Leading the Way in Smart Fuel Management Solutions.

About Our Company

IOTIQ Pty Ltd are the developers and marketers of Fuellox. Fuellox is an IoT technology for Fuel Management.

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We started with one single goal ...
Cost effective Fuel Management for any tank

The six core elements
of Fuellox product design

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We want Fuellox to be highly functional. That is simple, intuitive and consistent.

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Fuellox has to work all the time, and never let you down. We work hard to make the system highly usable.

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Our app runs on lots of phones, and it needs to perform on the lower spec phones. We've focussed on performance to make sure it works well for everyone.

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User Experience

Our users come first. While we built a comprehensive platform for the fleet team, its also optimized for the operator.

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We have re-imagined what Fuel Management can be, and inspired an entire category of new products around the world.

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Value for Money

By using the power of a smart phone Fuellox provides the most capable platform at a relatively low cost.

This is who we are

We've brought some excellent talent together...

Fuellox Founder Fullstack CEO

Fuellox Founder
Fullstack CEO

Chief Architect, Advisor & CTO
Luke Diebold

Chief Architect
Advisor & CTO

Senior Developer & Marketing Associate
Aidan Arnold

Senior Developer
Marketing Associate