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Thief running with stolen fuel

Combat Rising Fuel Theft

Are you loosing the race against fuel theft?

Fuel buyers are reporting major losses in fuel theft. Some as much as $1,000 per day.
Are you affected too?

Portable fuel tank, refuelling mini excavator

Remote Fuel Management

Fuel Management on bulk & static tanks is easy however, Fuel Management on small or portable tanks is very difficult.

What makes Fuellox Unique?

Fuellox is unique from many perspectives.


Take Fuellox where the fuel goes
with the tank!



Know where your fuel goes at all time



Scan QR Codes to identify equipment


The Best of Fuellox

Fuellox Facia

Suits any tank
smallest to largest

We made Fuellox to go on any tank, not just large ones. Fuellox brings World Class fuel management to everyone.

  • Works on any size tanks
  • Cost Effective down to 400L tanks
  • Extensive range to suit your entire operation
  • Only pay for what you need and use
  • Fuel Management System for Fleets, Large or Small
Sim and Fob Free

No Fobs or Sims
to manage

Fuellox is a Fuel Management device that works with your smartphone. Your smartphone does most of the heavy lifting.

  • Uses a phone and does not need buttons or screens
  • Users are only authorized with a login on the phone
  • Sends and receives all its data via the phone
  • Phone capabilities are integrated into FMS
Fuellox Mobile App

App Based Technology

Fuellox runs on a smartphone. The Fuellox App is responsible for

  • User Authorization and logins
  • Data transfer
  • User Interface
  • Bluetooth control of the pump
  • All updates and upgrades

See Fuellox in action

Meet Peter and his team from CLMU, a sydney based Civil Construction company. Peter and Mandy tell us how Fuellox has helped their business.

Read our Case Studies

Learn about our range of products

Fuellox Portable

Fuellox is portable! A remote system for mobile equipment.

Fuellox Portable

Fuellox Facia

Fuellox Facia has been designed for containerized tanks.

Fuellox Facia

Fuellox HD

Fuellox HD has been designed for applications in heavy duty environments.

Fuellox HD

Fuellox Bowser

Fuellox Bowser suits applications where minimal installation is needed.

Fuellox Bowser
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Our customers have nice things to say about us

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Checkout our Fuellox Configuration Utility

Tank Configuration

Our product configuration utility will quickly help you determine what you need to get started with Fuellox for any tank. Check the new page now.