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Manage your fuel usage through the Fuellox App.

Fuellox is a smartphone enabled high-end Fuel Management System (FMS) For optimised control of your fixed and portable fuel tanks

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Our Story

Fuellox – the benefits:

  • Fuellox is the most innovative FMS available, giving you all the benefits of a depot-quality fuel management system, at an affordable price.
  • With Fuellox, you have access to an integrated, secure and location-aware dispensing system – one which has never been available to SMEs before.
  • Fuellox utilises converging and patented technology to manage any fleet size and configuration including small, fixed or portable tanks.
  • The system is internet-enabled from your smartphone. Fuellox hardware is small so it’s easy to find an installation space for it on-site, or in your vehicle.
  • Not only do you access fuel consumption data through real-time reporting, your fuel is kept secure because dispensing is only unlocked through the app.
  • Our system is robust, durable, affordable, simple and easy to use.

Manage Via Phone

Download the app and pump Fuel from your smartphone using Bluetooth technology

Regular Updates

We’ll regularly update the app for you. The system capabilities are app based – not hardware based.

Instant Reporting

Track all your fuel dispensing events using the automatic log book on your Fuellox app.

Cost Effective

Simply install the Fuellox hardware module to your existing pumping and dispensing units. Lock down all unauthorised usage.

Fast Remote Set Up

Set up your team and contractors easily via text message and let them follow the prompts for a fast install.

Keep it Smart – Keep it Simple

Fuellox is designed to be fast and simple to use, giving you real-time reporting and fuel consumption data, all in the one app. It can deal with any size fleet and configuration, including small, fixed or portable tanks.

Only the Best

Put your fuel on the map:

Fuellox is a world-first in fuel dispensing by using smartphones as its main interface. Fuellox utilises the phones data, Bluetooth, GPS and camera.

The system offers real-time reporting, giving your company visibility and accuracy.

For portable system, Fuellox integrates mapping functionality. Now you can see where your fuel was used!

Fuellox allows for better record keeping and accountability. No more ‘lost’ fuel, inexact log books and poor cost control on fuel accounting.

With Fuellox, you don’t pay for an expensive installation roll-out, numerous man-hours of administration and ongoing servicing, plus all your fuel is accounted for.

Fuellox Portal on PC


What People are Saying

“Wow – Speechless”

“This is going to Ruffle some Feathers…” Project Manager – Leading Refuelling Equipment Supplier

“Never had something so Intuituve”

“We’ve never had a system that was so intuitive. People just install it and know how to use it. Even our older guys who we thought would stuggle are using it easilly.” Site Manager – Brisbane Airport Construction

“This changes the way we do things”

“We have never seen something so innovative. Fuellox will be used everywhere within the business.” Senior Plant Manager – CPB

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