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Opportunities with Fuellox

The Fuellox Technology presents an incredible opportunity. Across the world there are literally millions of Fuel Tanks, and no one can keep track of the fuel!
We are not talking about the huge tanks, owned by large businesses, rather the thousands owned by small business and farms.

Make Some Money

We are always looking for the next deal, and maybe we can help each other.


We offer an Agents Fee on leads and referrals. Just let us know who you told about Fuellox.


They say its 'who you know' - so who do you know that can benefit form Fuellox?


If you sell IoT or Refuelling equipment then we want to talk to you!

Recurring Revenue

Share in the future revenue of Fuellox. Help us get units onto tanks, and receive a profit share for years to come.

Equipment Sales

Enjoy a generals commission on the sale of Fuellox Equipment. And create demand for your own equipment on the back of Fuellox Sales.

Installation Services

Many Fuellox customers choose to use an installer. If you have mechanical or electrical expertise let us know! You can join the ever growing list of Fuellox Installers.

Carbon Trading

By tracking fuel there are new opportunities to offer net neutral fuels usage with carbon offset.

Channel Partners

There is a giant market place of industrial equipment sales. By introducing Fuellox to your customer you are creating value for them and commission for you.

Bloggers & Influencer's

If you can help with content development or influencing Fuellox buyers, then we would love to hear from you too!

Open Positions & Opportunities

We have a number of models for partners to interact with our company and the Fuellox Opportunity. Of course we are open to your suggestions to, so feel free to reach out anytime.

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  • Investors
  • Marketing
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Fuellox Distributors are our primary route to market. We want to appoint and grow distribuors across the world.


We are looking for funding partners to help scale and grow opportunities for Fuellox. We have a diverse and exciting roadmap to win at scale.

Referral Partners

Referral Partners provide leads and opportunities for the Fuellox team. We track results and pay commissions on business won.

  • Marketing
  • USA, UK, EU, Africa, South America, Asia
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White Labelling

Create your own brand of App Based fuel management. We'll build the platform, manage the environment and you can focus on the sales and marketing for your region.

  • By Negotiation
  • USA, UK, EU, Africa, South America, Asia
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