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Referral Partners

What Is the opportunity??

We are looking for any one that can provide prospects and leads for Fuellox.

About you

You are a self starter with your own job or business.

Your Role

Referral Partners

  1. must keep track of introductions and update the Fuellox Referral partner app with activity
  2. be clear and intentional with
    1. Leads
    2. Prospects
    3. Opportunities
    4. Deals
  3. make hand over the opportunities or deals to the Fuellox team or their appointed partner
  4. leave the deals for us to close


  • Provide local knowledge and intel to our teams
  • Generate contacts for the Fuellox sales and marketing team
  • Warm up your contact as much as possible OR leave it to us
  • Once an Opportunity or Deal is identified STAY AWAY and leave it to us


We are looking for people with an active list, the ability to make introductions at scale, and be comfortable that when we close a deal you’ll get paid.

Referral partnerships are not for everyone. If you want to take a more active approach then lets discuss how we can work together.


If you can or want to take a more active approach, check our our pages for ‘Agents’ or consider buying some stock and becoming a ‘Distributor’

We offer you

  • Commission on sales
  • Repeat and recurring incentives when customer renew their service
  • Marketing content to support your activity
  • The opportunity to develop new sources of income.

What we don’t offer

  • Regular updates on who we are talking to and what we are doing
  • A job or hourly pay
  • Association or Affiliation with the company, or its partners.
Enquire Today

We are serious about developing a comprehensive global business. All partner interest shall be treated with the utmost respect. Let us know if you would like to consider an NDA first.

Referral Partners

Referral Partners provide leads and opportunities for the Fuellox team. We track results and pay commissions on business won.

  • Marketing
  • USA, UK, EU, Africa, South America, Asia