All the Frequently Asked Questions about Fuellox

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Online fuel management system

All the FAQ's about Fuellox

Frequently asked questions – please do not hesitate in making contact with our team with any questions you may have.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Fuel Management System (FMS)?

Fuel Management Systems (FMS) are used to maintain, control and monitor fuel consumption and stock in any type of industry that uses Fuel.
Industries such as road transport, rail, mining, construction, and others.

What is different about Fuellox

Most people with experience using home fleet refueling systems will have come across card or RFID type fuel management systems in the past.
These systems give fuel owners a way in which to keep track of the people and machines using fuel. Fuellox replaces the RFID or Card with an app utilizing Bluetooth and a Web-enabled device (iOS and Android).

What is Fuellox?

Fuellox is an easy-to-use, internet-enabled high-end Fuel Management System (FMS) for fixed and portable tanks, navigated by your smart phone.

How does it work?

Our system is a proprietary designed micro-computer that runs patented software. It uses Bluetooth low energy to communicate with your device. The hardware module can be installed within the vehicle cabin and under normal circumstances can be reliably operated within a 20m radius.
It will isolate your pump based on authorizations. The system must have a pulse meter. If you don't know what that is, or you don't have one, we can supply them to you with your Fuellox product.

What does the Fuellox system do?

Fuellox will only authorize transactions that meet your strict criteria. For example; if there is no plant or equipment selected or the ODO has not been completed the transaction will not proceed.
We also offer the option to select or enforce a client, project, or cost center within the transaction. Our transaction events are all recorded with GPS coordinates. You can see where the fuel was dispensed and report on those outside of predefined areas.
All Fuellox data is stored on a cloud-based system. We can assist you in developing reports, or download the data as a CSV to import into your own reportage tools. We are currently in the process of designing a system which prevents fuel transactions outside geo-fenced areas.

Is Fuellox secure?

Yes. Fuellox's system is resistant to cyber-attacks because it operates close to the internet banking apps found on many phones. A Fuellox subscription will give you enhanced security, allowing you to instantly add or remove users as needed.
We are currently working on bringing users access to multiple users per device, meaning you can have one device in a vehicle and multiple employees using it.

Where can I purchase Fuellox?

Call us directly today. Alternatively, all leading suppliers of refueling equipment such as tanks or pumps can source Fuellox for you. Be sure to specify it by name.

Do I need special expertise to run Fuellox?

If you can use a smartphone, you can use Fuellox. Fuellox is that easy.
The familiarity and functionality of an app-based program mean you won't need to spend tireless hours training staff to use Fuellox.
What's more, we offer continued customer support, which can even be accessed directly through the Fuellox app.

Why do I need a FMS for my business?

A Fuellox FMS will help you control expenditure through lost fuel and inaccurate reporting. When it comes to business, utilizing every dollar will help you out-perform your competition.
Fuellox will give you a competitive edge because it will save you money by creating transparency and efficiency. Fuellox is an innovative solution to overcome profit loss due to poor fuel management.
Without an efficient FMS in place, poorly managed refueling could be costing your organization hundreds, even thousands of liters of lost fuel each month. Today, in business, data is everything. Fuellox will give you insights into your fuel usage, like never before.
Fuellox will help you optimize and streamline your fleet through real-time reporting, work out appropriate job costings to clients and your tax excise, support maintenance planning, precisely detect fuel levels, and prevent fuel theft and irregular use.

How does Fuellox work?

Fuellox utilizes the convergence of technologies to bring you a complete FMS from your smartphone. All you need is a Bluetooth-enabled handset (Android or iOS) which acts as your FMS and the self-installed Fuellox hardware which controls your pump.
Updates and upgrades will largely come via the app so you don't have to consider more complex upgrades or downtime.

How do I use Fuellox?

Once you receive and install your hardware, you will need to configure your cloud service. We offer an onboarding option if you need assistance. Simply invite your users via Email or SMS to download the app.
Each app installation has a unique ID that we track. Once the app is installed and the operator has connected to your account, your data set will be synced down to that handset. The app and operator can now communicate with your Fuellox hardware to dispense fuel.
Fuel transactions will be stored and synced back to your cloud database. The speed at which this occurs is dependent on web connectivity at the time of the transaction. Transactions are maintained on the Fuellox device. There may be occasions where a transaction resides on the handset until the app is re-synced. Where a handset is lost, damaged, or destroyed the next handset to communicate with that device will re-sync any outstanding transactions.
Fuellox's intelligent system only allows invited users to use your subscription. Although other users/companies may have the app installed, unless you specifically invite them into your account they will not be able to use your individualized Fuellox system under any circumstances.

Who is IOTIQ?

IOTIQ is an Aussie start-up company, who sees the global possibilities in innovation. Research shows that from now and into the future, Australia's capabilities lie in fostering innovation. This will be driven by IoT -or 'the Internet of Things'- where the world and every industry becomes a highly-integrated system on the Internet.
That's where we come in. At IOTIQ, we are just that, the Internet of Things (IOT) and Intelligence (IQ). We see ourselves as a technology disruptor, giving SMEs the ability to utilize technologies that till now, only larger corporations could afford. IoT is creating 'smart cities.' IOTIQ is creating smart businesses.

IOTIQ and the Fuellox difference

At IOTIQ, we have met a need in the marketplace for a high-performing FMS that operates across all fleet sizes and configurations by utilizing the convergence of technologies to bring you an internet-enabled FMS from your smartphone.
We understand utilizing technology will help transform your business and stay ahead in a world of accelerated technological use. We have an innovative product, a great team, and are ready to launch! At IOTIQ, we believe our product has the possibility to transform the industry. That's why we have worked so hard and taken enormous personal financial risk to produce Fuellox for your business.
Choosing IOTIQ means choosing a fully-supported system with exceptional customer service. We will be sure to listen to your needs and give you the best customer experience we can.
You will play an important role in shaping our product, and your input will go a long way to making our product even better.