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Installs to any pumps to create a world class Fuel Management System.

Create instant fuel reports from every dispense using our state of the art Fuel Management app and IoT systems.

How Fuellox Works
Featured Image: Installs to any pumps to create a world class Fuel Management System.

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Fuellox Features shape

Fuellox Feature Highlights

Fuellox is a revolution in Fuel Management. Simple to install, cost effective and immensely powerful, Fuellox offers incredible value to fleet operators and large fuel distribution applications.


Fuellox is optimised for portablity. It goes where your fuel goes.


Fuellox is easy to use. Login and pump.


Works on all Android and IOS smartphones.


Add and remove users at the click of a button.


Check your tank levels from anywhere.

FOB Free

No Fobs to manage, purchase issue or recover.

QR Scanning

Identify plant and equipment with QR Codes.

SIM Free

No SIM cards required.

GEO Locate

Know WHERE your fuel was used.

Cost Effective

Fuellox is the best value system available.

Self Install

Fuellox is ewasy to install on exisitng pumps.

Every Tank

Fuellox goes on any tank, large or small. Total Asset Protection

How will Fuellox improve
operations and efficiency
for your team?

We would behappy to further discuss how Fuellox can streamline your business.

Save Time

From refuelling, log books, data entry and reporting. All gone.


Prevent loss of fuel due to theft and/or lack of reporting

Fleet Management

Create detailed insights into fuel consumption be operator and vehicle


Add and remove members wih the clikc of a button. No FOBs


Fuel Reports in real time, at the click of a button. No more bookkeeping on Fuel


Fuellox is easy to get, install and commission. And you can probably do it yourself

Featured Image: Actual Screen shot

Actual Screen shot

Automated collation of Fuel Excise reports

To claim the fuel excise report from the ATO you need to know exactly how much fuel is used in 'On Road', 'Off Road' and 'Private' usage.

  • Equipment is designated to an Excise Mode
  • Each transaction is recorded with that Excise Mode
  • Pivot reports are instantly available for each period

Checkout our Fuellox Configuration Utility

Tank Configuration

Our product configuration utility will quickly help you determine what you need to get started with Fuellox for any tank. Check the new page now.