Fuellox is searching for distributors: lets grow together.
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What Is the opportunity??

We are looking for businesses that sell equipment into Agriculture, Construction, Earthmoving, Mining, Transport, Manufacturing and more.

If you have active networks into these segments, and can carry stock of Fuellox you are a potential Fuellox distributor!.

About you

We are especially interested in finding people who know industrial equipment, and/or markets. You have an existing product portfolio and an active sales and marketing capability in your region.
Distributors are expected to hold stock and be competent in the installation and commissioning of Fuellox Systems. You don’t have to be able to do the physical work, but you will be expected to coordinate a team of staff and/or contractors.
If you have existing customers who buy or store bulk fuel, build install or commission tanks then you are the perfect partner.

Distributors Role

Distributors of Fuellox

  1. Maintain sufficient stock to server your customers
  2. are responsible for customer acquisition and sales
  3. must meet a sales target and budget
  4. are trained in the support of Fuellox
  5. handle or appoint contractors to install and commission Fuellox systems
  6. Combine Fuellox products with other products/services
  7. have access to the latest in Fuel Management technology.


  • Ensure the successful deployment and growth of Fuellox into your region
  • Meet your distributors obligations
  • Support the commercial and technical development of Fuellox
  • Conduct business in a professional and ethical manner.


  • A registered company or business.
  • Existing customers
  • Active sales and marketing capabilities
  • Ability to buy and hold stock
  • Optional :: Ability co combine Fuellox with other products ie tanks, pumps etc.

We offer you

  • Comprehensive training and product knowledge
  • Excellent margins and product support
  • Generous warranty terms to support your customer and brand
  • Marketing support and promotional incentives
  • The opportunity to become an exclusive partner in your region or market [subject to business planning partnership]
Enquire Today

We are serious about developing a comprehensive global business. All partner interest shall be treated with the utmost respect. Let us know if you would like to consider an NDA first.


Fuellox Distributors are our primary route to market. We want to appoint and grow distribuors across the world.

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