Fuel Theft Prevention
Unlock your Competitive Advantage by Protecting Your Fleet from Diesel Theft

Stop Fuel Theft Now

Upgrade your tanks with Unbreakable Protection! Every drop of diesel in your fleet tanks is hard-earned money. But fuel thieves don’t care. They’re out there, targeting hard-working Aussie businesses, leaving you with empty tanks and lighter wallets.

Ultimate 105

Ultimate 105

Scania, DAF, MAN, Merc and Volvo Trucks
Fuel Thief

Have you seen this guy?

He's seen you! And will be back!
Engineering detail

Engineered to perform

Kockon Klassic

Klassic 80

Suits most 80mm threaded tanks.
Fuel Thief 5

Precicions Engineered

Fast fill performance with anti syphon prevention
Caterpillar Kit

Caterpillar Kit

Fits most Caterpillar machinery
Fuel Security Solutions
Unlock your Competitive Advantage by Protecting Your Fleet from Diesel Theft

At Fuellox, we understand the growing concern of diesel fuel theft and its impact on your business's bottom line.

Every year, millions of litres of fuel are stolen from fleets across Australia, costing businesses significantly.

Our mission is to safeguard your diesel fuel with cutting-edge security solutions, ensuring your fleet runs efficiently and securely.

Fuellox offers a comprehensive suite of diesel fuel security solutions designed to thwart thieves at every turn.

Our products, including the revolutionary anti-siphon device for fuel tanks, are engineered to provide unparalleled protection for your diesel investment.

Fuel Theft Prevention and Protection

Parts Recommendation For Your Vehicle

You will receive a detailed guide about Anti Syphon and how to submit information about your vehicles and fleet.

Are You A Victim Of Fuel Theft?

You might not be aware of fuel theft in your business, but we’ve created a handy checklist to help you investigate further.

Equipment Damage

Do you ever notice vandalizing or damage to fill points, fuel caps or cap locks? Chances are someone is tampering with your equipment.

Loitering and Vandalism

Individuals loitering or casing your property are a sure sign. Vandalized locks, gates and fences are a sure sign they access your property.

Unattended Equipment

Large fleets of unattended vehicles and equipment are what they look for. Truck depots, construction sites and farms.

Unexplained Spills

Do you ever notice strange spills around fill points or under vehicles?

Jerry Cans

Your typical thief will usually have a couple of jerry cans in their vehicles.

Missing or Damaged Tank Caps

Are you replacing fuel tank caps at times? Missing caps while parked are a sure sign of fuel theft.

Fluctuating Fuel Consumption

Does your fleet suffer from unexplained fuel economy changes? Such as increased fuel burn with lighter payloads?

Anti Syphon System Features

Effortless Setup

Our anti-siphon units are crafted for easy installation, eliminating the need for special tools or alterations to your fuel tank. This ensures a swift upgrade for your fleet, reducing downtime and keeping operations smooth.

Durable Construction

Crafted from tough materials, our devices are built to resist tampering, corrosion, and wear. Their sturdy construction guarantees long-term protection and reliability in safeguarding your fuel.

Universal Compatibility

Designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of vehicles, including trucks, buses, and heavy machinery, our anti-siphon devices ensure comprehensive security for varied fleets, protecting against fuel theft efficiently.
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Benefits to Business Owners

  • Prevents Fuel Theft

    The primary benefit of a fuel anti-siphon device is its effectiveness in preventing unauthorized access to fuel, significantly reducing the risk of fuel theft. By blocking the insertion of siphoning equipment, these devices protect one of the fleet's most valuable assets—its fuel.

  • Cost Savings

    By preventing fuel theft, businesses can realize substantial cost savings. Fuel is a significant operating expense for fleets, and protecting against theft directly impacts the bottom line by ensuring that fuel costs are genuinely utilized for business operations, not lost to theft.

  • Enhanced Fleet Efficiency and Reliability

    Fuel anti-siphon devices safeguard fuel supplies, ensuring vehicles operate smoothly without unexpected fuel shortages. This reliability boosts fleet efficiency, minimizes downtime, and enhances service delivery, leading to greater customer satisfaction

  • Peace of Mind

    Implementing fuel anti-siphon devices provides fleet managers and business owners with peace of mind, knowing their fuel is protected against theft. This security allows them to focus on core business activities without the constant worry of fuel-related losses.

Anti Syphon Media

See how simple Anti Syphon systems are to install and why you should have them.
QLD Police
Why you need Anti Syphon

QLD Police arrest men in connection with a fuel theft operation in a regional town.

3 Min
CCA Transport
Anti Syphon Case Study

Meet Colin from CCA Transport who recently installed Anti Syphon across their Scania and MAN fleet.

3.5 Minutes
How to Install Anti Syphon

David shows you how quick and easy it is to install Anti Syphon.

1.2 Minutes


Excellence in
Fuel Theft Prevention and Protection

Superior Engineering

Kockon is engineered with precision, incorporating cutting-edge technology for unmatched durability and performance in fuel protection.

High-Quality Materials

Constructed from premium anodized aluminum and robust welded components, Kockon ensures maximum resistance against wear and impact.

Optimized for High Flow Rates

Designed to support high flow rates, Kockon guarantees efficient fuel management without compromising the refueling speed of trucks.

Exceptional Manufacturing

Kockon's manufacturing process involves meticulous craftsmanship and strict quality control, ensuring a product that excels in both form and function.

Universal Compatibility

Kockon offers broad compatibility with a wide range of truck models, making it a versatile solution for fuel protection across the industry.

Advanced Fuel Protection

With its innovative design, Kockon provides superior protection against fuel theft and contamination, safeguarding your assets effectively.

Innovative Design

Stop Would-Be Fuel Thieves In Their Tracks

Impenetrable Design

Kockon's robust construction features a virtually impenetrable barrier, ensuring that fuel thieves find no easy access.

Advanced Tamper-Proof Technology

Engineered with cutting-edge tamper-proof technology, Kockon locks down your fuel tank, deterring thieves with its formidable defense.

Zero Wet Access

By completely blocking unauthorized hose entry, Kockon eliminates the possibility of siphoning, leaving would-be thieves empty-handed.

Kockon Product Image

Seamless Integration

Kockon is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing fuel system, maintaining the original cap where possible and enhancing security without compromise.

Unyielding Durability

Constructed to endure, Kockon stands up to extreme conditions, promising long-term protection and unmatched durability.

Optimized Fuel Flow

Kockon ensures full-flow fuel entry, seamlessly blending security with efficiency for an uncompromised refueling experience.

Anti Syphon Product Explorer
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  • Scania
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  • Caterpillar
  • DAF
  • Volvo
  • Fuso
  • Thermo King
  • Carrier
  • Mercedes
  • Doosan
  • John Deere
  • Iveco
  • Massey Fergusson
  • Liebherr
  • JCB
  • Terex
  • Mitsu
  • Bomag
  • Komatsu
  • Kramer
  • Isuzu
  • Atlas Copco

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