Fuellox Starter Pack | Get started immediately
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Fuellox Starter Pack | Get started immediately

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Fuellox Starter Pack

The Fuellox Starter Pack is perfect package for small portable mobile tanks with an existing pump.

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Fuellox Starter Pack

Your Turnkey Solution to Fuel Management

Introducing the Fuellox Starter Pack, designed to revolutionize the way you manage fuel across any tank, anywhere. With Fuellox, you gain complete control and visibility over every fuel transaction – tracking tank activity, user identity, location, and quantity with unmatched precision.

Unparalleled Security Against Fuel Theft

Developed in collaboration with leading psychologists, Fuellox sets a new standard in deterring fuel theft. By controlling the pump and ensuring every drop of fuel is recorded in the Fuellox Cloud, we’ve created a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. This innovative approach makes fuel theft not just difficult, but entirely impractical, all without compromising the practicality of your hardware or breaking the bank.

Effortless Installation, Intuitive Use

Setting up Fuellox is a breeze. Simply attach it to your tank along with a pulse meter, and voilà – your smartphone transforms into a state-of-the-art Fuel Management System. The ease of installation and user-friendly interface are just the beginning. Fuellox is designed to integrate seamlessly into your operations, making fuel management a hassle-free aspect of your business.

I've looked at a lot of apps for a lot of things. Fuellox is so well layed out and easy to navigate. Well done to Dave and team on excellent product execution and delivery.
Bill S. - Road Construction

Ease of Use

Simplifying Fuel Management

Fuellox redefines ease of use in fuel management. It’s customized to your specific needs, ensuring you pay only for the features your team requires.

Streamlined for Efficiency We recognized a common issue in the industry: many fuel management systems are overly complex, leading to underutilization and financial losses. Fuellox tackles this head-on with a straightforward approach:

  • Smartphone Integration: Replace cumbersome FOBs with something your employees already have and use daily – their smartphones. This simple change significantly reduces barriers to compliance.

  • One-Tap Operation: Employees simply open the Fuellox app and tap ‘pump’ to log detailed fuel usage data. It’s intuitive, efficient, and eliminates the hassle of managing extra hardware.

Designed for Your Workflow

Fuellox is not just about preventing fuel theft; it’s about integrating seamlessly into your daily operations. With less hardware to manage and an intuitive app interface, Fuellox ensures that your fuel management system is a natural and hassle-free part of your workflow.

The result? A system that everyone can easily adopt, reducing the workload for all and ensuring effective fuel management without any additional burdens.

Features: Tailored to Your Business Needs

Fuellox offers a versatile range of features, allowing you to customize the system to perfectly align with your operational needs:

  • Fleet Size Flexibility: Ideal for both small and large fleets.
  • Business Complexity: Adapts to complex businesses and departments.
  • User Roles and Access: Customize user roles and access levels for enhanced security and management.
  • Interface Options: Choose between the streamlined Lite Weight interface and the comprehensive Fleet Manager interface.
  • Customizable Refueling Events: Set optional parameters for each refueling event to capture the data you need.
  • Location Data Tracking: Optionally include location data with every refueling event for precise tracking.
  • And Many More: Discover additional features designed to make your fuel management seamless and efficient.

Whatever your business’s size or complexity, Fuellox has the features to streamline your fuel management, ensuring you have the right tools at your fingertips for efficient operation.

Larger Tanks? No Problem

Fuellox efficiently scales to manage larger tanks too. Set up a comprehensive system that meticulously records every drop of fuel.

For custom configurations on diverse tank sizes, explore options with our Fuellox Configuration Tool.

Customization: Agile and User-Driven

Fuellox’s cloud-based app framework allows for rapid customizations. Need a new feature? We can implement software updates swiftly, without any hardware modifications.

Experience our commitment to responsiveness: a feature requested on Thursday can be up and running by Monday, ensuring that Fuellox evolves with your needs.