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Fuellox QR Codes | Instant and reliable asset identification

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Fuellox QR Codes

QR Codes allow instant and reliable asset identification at all times.

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QR Codes are fixed to any piece of plant or equipment.

Place the sticker near the tank, in the door trim or somewhere its safe from damage.

One time only

  • register the QR Code sticker to that equipment

Now every user on the platform can scan that QR Code to select it for refuelling.

The QR Codes are major time saver and can prevent users from selecting the incorrect plant.

Where there is a range of similar equipment (think small gensets, light towers, light vehicles) the QR code is a major time saver.

We even have some customers set up the code so there is a no qr code, no refuelling policy enforced by Fuellox.