Fuellox Mini Bowser

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Fuellox Mini Bowser

Fuellox comes in a range of 'Ready to Use' packages. Built in pump, meter, nozzle switch and E-Stop. Simply install to suction and power and your are ready to go.

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The Fuellox Bowser system is a ready to use integrated solution.

You don’t need to

  • install a pulse meter into the pipework
  • configure electrical parts
  • wire up and shield a fragile signal from the meter
  • modify existing pumps
  • calibrate the pump with a new meter

All actually you need to do is:

  • mount the bowser to the tank or adjacent wall
  • install a suction hose from the bowser to the tank
  • plug the unit into a complaint switch
  • start using Fuellox for all your dispensing activity

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