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Fuellox Anti Syphon Range, from Kockon

Product Image for Kockon Anti Syphon Family

Kockon Anti Syphon Family

Fuellox offers Kockon anti syphon for fuel theft prevention. Prevent fuel theft with advanced Anti-Syphon range for all vehicles.

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Fuel Security

The Problem

To ensure cost control and fleet reliability you must address fuel security. Theft of fuel direct from running tanks is a major problem in many areas of Australia. And with your equipment traveling vast distances, through towns and cities to remote locations someone is going to try to steal your diesel.

Fuel is one of your highest costs and for a few hundred dollars you can have peace of mind that no one can take fuel out of your tanks. Kockon anti syphon devices prevent the removal of fuel from your tanks – period. Simple to install with excellent reliability and long service life your diesel will be safe at all times.

We were loosing as much as 800 Litres some nights, and we never recovered anything.

Colin - CCA Transport

Fucllox is pleased to partern with Kokcon to offer best in class diesel fuel anti syphon to our customers.

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