No wonder business owners, bookkeepers and accountants love Fuellox.
What's different about Fuellox?

What's different about Fuellox?

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  • January 21, 2018
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Fuellox is built to work with our smartphones. That means you get a better system at lower cost and use the existing technology in your business to manage your fuel costing.

Big benefits – small system

Fuellox offers businesses the opportunity to utilize a unique and untapped solution for mobile fuel tanks and trailers. Fuellox is easy-to-use and affordable offering end-to-end cost-saving benefits. Traditional FMSs require an expensive, upfront investment and replacement within a few years, due to obsolete equipment. Fuellox will last the lifetime of your equipment and beyond. That’s because Fuellox is customizable and utilizes your own device and equipment.

Fuellox delivers economic opportunity for your business by leveraging cloud, data and fuel cost allocation in an easy-to use app. Not only will you save money from install to maintenance.

Fuellox’s unique customization means you only pay for the components you use, giving you the freedom to manage fuel dispensing where and when you need it.

Fuellox assigns each refuelling event to a vehicle. With Fuellox, you can instantly add or remove users, making it great for short-term projects or various clients.

What We Offer

Save Money

Is fuel one of your highest costs? Is it difficult to accurately track fuel use? Is transparency an ongoing issue? If you answered yes, then we can help you secure your fuel and your profits with Fuellox.

Modernize your fuel reporting business in the same way large organizations have been doing for years; without the high costs of enterprise fuel management.

App Based Operation

Right now, your people are already walking around with the slickest fuel dispensing system in their pocket their smartphone. Fuellox uses the same modern technology people use every day and turns your fuel pumps into smart pumps, No keys, tags, fobs or PINs. Fuellox replaces the cumbersome and insecure RFID or Card with an app and patented technology. The Fuellox hardware module is synthesized through the Fuellox software program, which can be downloaded in your app store. With Fuellox, you own the control system and user interface -your phone or tablet-which can be installed and run on any device because it is fully iOS and Android compatible. Rather than having to pay for licenses or install programs onto servers or local computers, the Fuellox app is a more efficient way to conduct business and save costs. What’s more, the ‘logic’ and ‘brains’ of the product are delivered via the app and stored in a secure cloud-based system. The Fuellox app will extend the reach and productivity of your business; enabling you to conduct business openly and accurately, wherever you are, with real-time reporting.

Fuellox offers ease and usability; your staff will love the familiarity and functionality of an app and the instant reporting takes the hassle out of logbooks. Plus, because the system is integrated into an app and users have a unique I.D, if handsets gets lost, damaged or destroyed the next handset will re-sync your transactions.

GPS Tracking

Access Fuellox anywhere, anytime from your smartphone If accountability and accuracy is an ongoing issue, GPS tracking via Google Maps will ensure that you are fully informed of every fuel dispense at any location.

Additionally, each dispensing event is logged with the GPS location and is instantly viewable from your device. No logbooks are required all reports are immediately downloadable and accessible by secure cloud technology.

So now, fuel management is one less thing to worry about.

More Reliable Than The Competitors

The Fuellox platform is more reliable and affordable to acquire and operate than a traditional FMS. That’s because it seamlessly integrates to your existing fuel dispensing and operating systems. Our patented hardware will control your pump and detect the volume of fuel dispensed. It can also be customized to the specific needs of each location, giving you instant reports of fuel use by equipment, operator, client and/or project. All updates are software-based so your initial investment of the Fuellox hardware rewards you with a much longer working life.

Easy to Install - Save Time & Money!

Fuellox was designed with the key objective to make the system as easy as to install as possible. Until now, installing a FMS was a substantial investment; requiring an industrial electrician and thousands of dollars’ worth of wiring and fittings for each unique site and tank, plus regular maintenance and upgrades. Fuellox has overcome the constraints of traditional FMSs by offering out-of-the-box expandability and user install. Minimal components mean minimal error and low-voltage circuits offer operator safety. Once installation is complete, the hardware becomes virtually maintenance-free. You will continually be rewarded with the latest features Fuellox has to offer because maintenance is through our software.


Fuellox is an individualized FMS because we understand that not all businesses’ needs are the same.

With Fuellox, you only pay for what you use. Fuellox has the ability to grow with your fleet, scaling up or down as required and in your specified time-frame.

Fuellox costing is customized and is based on your usage, considering your sites, users and tanks.

Optional extras include:

  • E-Stop
  • Nozzle Switch
  • Low Volume Cut Out
  • Level Gauge
  • Secured Override Key
  • Extreme Duty Enclosure
  • Vibration Mounting Kit
  • 240v/415v Contactor Kit