What is Fuellox?

Fuellox was built to serve the many many customers out there who store and transport bulk Diesel, who do not have access to good quality Fuel Management systems and processes.

Fuel Costs over budget?

Chances are you spend far more on fuel than you're happy about.

Fuellox allows you to keep track of how much fuel was used, by who, what machine, which project and what location.

Track your Fuel simply with Fuellox.

For several years, I sold fuel storage systems to commercial and industrial users. There was a consistent theme in that all these customers I met and dealt with found the Fuel Management products we had to offer were:

Over priced

Old technology

Poorly supported

Inflexible and were really built to suit static tanks.

I met one customer who had purchased 6 systems for $120,000. After 3-4 years they had an issue and the tech arrived to fix one of the units. He told my customer that they had to throw out their 6 fuel management units and buy new ones!

They were old technology and not worth fixing.

Another customer I met had over 60% of this fuel unaccounted for, and he was buying 100,000L per week! He said to me:

“… Dave, its like putting $60,000 in the petty cash tin and no one has a receipt or can account for the expenses…”

The simple reality is that most fuel tanks have no management system. We wanted to make something that appealed to a wider audience.

Our plan for the development of Fuellox was created from this understanding and experience.

Fuellox has been built to address these primary issues and many more.

Hear what our Customer have to say
The system has been working great. We’ve just used it to track down some missing fuel and recover those costs. Chris

Plant Supervisor, Skyway JV - CPB Contractors

Wow! This system is really going to ruffle some feathers! Anonymous

Project Manager, Major Equipment Vendor

I am finally happy. We can account for our fuel…


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Locate your Fuel

By using a smartphone, we can geo-locate anything that happens across the system.
Check where your fuel gets used.

Uses Bluetooth

No need to worry about WiFi, Modems, Sim cards or data plans.
Your smartphone has all that built in, and Fuellox uses that instead.

Customise your Interface

Ensure your team collect the information you need. Tracking projects? Need Odometer readings? Customise the Fuellox user interface to suit your business.

Scan Equipment

Fuellox uses the Camera in your Smartphone to Scan QR Codes attached to your equipment.
Reliable and consistent equipment identification.

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Fuel Management: The way it was meant to be