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What is Fuellox?

Fuel Management from your Smart Phone
Fuellox is the next generation of Fuel Management. Fuellox runs on your smartphone and makes use of the latest tech your phone has to offer.

With Fuellox you get Barcode Scanning, GPS Location, Powerful web connectivity and excellent user management right out of the box, and your existing smartphones are part of the system.

Fuellox can operate as a fuel log book replacement (Fuellox Standalone) and offers you a convenient and simple way to replace your paper log books with a cloud capable app.

If you prefer a more secure platform then the Fuellox hardware ensures your operators can’t take fuel without authorizing the fuel transaction via the app and the hardware.

User Management

Invite your users from inside the Fuellox Portal, and send them an SMS message of their user details.

No need to send fobs, tags or cards to your users.

The portal also allow you to instantly disable an users.

A Digital Agency

Fuellox give you the choice to enable several data parameters that are not generally offered by traditional Fuel Management. Want to capture a project, or client?

You can even force the user to capture certain parameters and prevent them taking fuel unless operators complete the fields you want.

Equipment Management

Fuellox allows you to manage a large fleet of equipment, or even multiple customers groups of equipment.

You can create new equipment in the Portal, or in the App depending on the user’s priveledge.

Equipment can be identified from the list, a search or by scanning a Fuellox barcode with the inbuilt camera.

Location Aware

All Fuellox transactions are GPS logged by the smartphone. You will always know where the fuel was dispensed.

Three Primary Components



The Brains of Fuellox controls your pump, meter and switches.

Each unit is registered to your account, and can’t be ‘seen’ by any other Fuellox customer or users.




Our App is the user interface, and security access all in one. The power of mobile technology is harnessed to give you the best product, and the most affordable price.




The Fuellox Portal allows you to manage your equipment, users, transactions and other data.

Use our inbuilt reports, or export your data to any other system.


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