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Fuellox is a new type of Fuel Management System (FMS). We have thrown out the old model of how FMS usually operate to create a totally new experience for the fleet owner and equipment operator.

By installing the Fuellox hardware to a fuel pump (and meter) your smartphone becomes the FMS. It takes care of:

Comms and Data

Security & Users

Equipment Identification

Pump Control


By having your FMS based on a smartphone, we can ship you updates, fixes and changes without you needing to update hardware. Ever!

No Fobs Required

You will no longer need to send out expensive fobs or keys to your team.

And you won’t need a SIM card in your FMS, its all works via the phone!

Easier user management means you can invite new users through the Fuellox portal, with a few key strokes; our system will send the SMS invite and your users can operate Fuellox immediately. It won;t matter if they are in Kensington, Karrathur, or Cunnunurra.

When it comes to equipment management Fuellox has you covered. Selected members of your team can now add new equipment to the Fuellox system from within the app. When your team need to refuel some extra gear (like a hired genset) they won’t need to be calling the plant manager to add the equipment to refuel it, or to get a new fob. That means a more flexible system, and way less down time. And less drama for the office team.

Smartphones have revolutionised how we do everything, FMS is now inluded. Using the smartphone means we can access the camera to ID your plant and equipment. Simply attach a Fuellox QR code to any machine and your Fuellox App can simply, and seamlessly scan equipment. Its quicker for your operators, more reliable and gives you way more confidence in the data generated.

If your tank is portable, then Fuellox gives you even more benefits. We capture GPS location with each refulling event. Now you can map WHERE your team are using fuel. This just happens to be the ulitmate way to determine if your fuel is used where you expect it to be.

The Fuellox portal is where it all comes together. Your data is now live on the cloud within seconds of a completed refuelling event. All your users and equipment can be managed from here. We have a range of stanrdard reports, data views and analysis capabilities built right in.

We know Fuellox is not for everyone, but there is a pretty good chance it might be right for you.

If you think these features are of benefit to your business and you want a lower cost fuel management system then let’s talk!