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Smartphone Enabled Fuel Management

  • Accurate fuel control reports
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles
  • Instant access via smartphone
  • Simple and fast remote setup

Make Better Business Decisions

You know hard it can be to keep track of where all your diesel is going.

Which machine, how much fuel and which staff member. Paper logs are either incomplete or non-existent and the preparation of fuel tax credit claims and BAS is a serious time waster every quarter.

Fuellox enables your team to capture all that refuelling data with our simple app.

Smartphones control the pumps and instantly logs all dispensing data to the cloud.

Real-time updates and reports are immediately available and include the date, time, litres, GPS location and much more!

In fact, our customers find, with the new Fuellox installed, fuel consumption goes down! 

As the staff see fuel being monitored so comprehensively, suspicious behaviour is reduced or eliminated. 

What we are looking for is simple… like-minded diesel users who want to prevent misuse of diesel, and gain valuable insights into their business fuel usage and costs.

To learn how you too can implement a Fuel Management System that keeps you up to date on your fuel usage, download our information pack below to see some of the key differences and benefits.

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