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Dealing with manual fuel log books

The one thing you can never get back is your time. Many business owners spend time on repetitive and sometimes menial tasks. This can make your business less efficient and overall more expensive to run.

Most businesses have sophisticated spreadsheets and homegrown systems to streamline processes. What if there was an even better option?

Fuellox creates a paradigm shift in how your business can manage and report on fuel. 

In the typical equipment oriented business such as civil construction and road transport, fuel and labour are two of the top three expense categories. Sometimes they are the top two!

Consider this, for every 1000L of diesel used in off-road applications, there is $432 in rebate available via the Fuel Tax Credit system.

Recovery of that rebate is a high priority and one that often takes a disproportionate amount of time to administer.

Fuellox will revolutionise how you collect that data and maximise that claim.

Do you have too many spreadsheets?

There is a modern term for it “Spreadhseet Hell” is when there are too many, and it takes too much labour to drive them. And multiple copies emailed around. 

Do you recover all the FTC?

If you use a manul log book chances are you are missing out on some of your claimable fuel. And how do you really know? The underlying data in your spreadsheet could be wrong!

Are you time poor?

Is there more work than time? Working nights? Bookkeeper chasing you for data you don’t have? Putting off admin work to get the real work done? 

We know, and that’s why we made Fuellox!

We’ve created this calculator to help you understand the costs of running a manual fuel logbook system within your business.

We consider the field and office labour, as well as recovery rates and the potential cost to your business of missing data.

Calculate the costs to run your fuel log book now.
In 10 minutes or less!

Most of our clients are shocked at the costs of running a manual fuel log book. Are you?

Online Calculator

How much does it cost to administer your manual fuel logbook system?

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