Free Fuel Theft Risk Assessment

Are you at risk of Fuel Theft within your business?

Let us conduct an obligation free risk assessment for you. We shall help you evaluate the level of risk within your business for the potential theft of fuel.

Our risk assessment is based on many years of experience working with clients on fuel technology, fuel storage, best practice and fuel management for all fleet sizes across many industries.

This risk assessment is obligation free, you will receive a report with our recomendations. Our team may call you to discuss or clarify your answers.

The first question to commence your risk assessment is, do you have a single tank or are their multiple tanks in the business?

Does your company use one storage tank or, are there multiple storage tanks used across the business?

Did you know?


AFP report states “…as much as 70% of business theft and fraud is by staff, contractors and ex staff …”


$95M Lost Fuel!

$95,000,000 Diesel stolen from Australian Earthmoving businesses every year!


23% of Theft is Fuel!

ANU report “… 23% of theft reported by Aussie farmers is fuel!”