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Fuellox Facia | For Containerised Tanks

Product Image for Fuellox Facia

Fuellox Facia

Fuellox Facia has been designed for simple installation to a containerized tanks.

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Meet Facia

Fuellox Facia is designed for larger tanks. It flush mounts to the exterior of a tank keeping all the electronics, pumps and equipment locked up.

Fuellox facia is weatherproof and has a high quality exterior finish of powder coated steel.


We recommend the installation of a nozzle switch and remote BLE aerial to maximize security and operational range.

A number of our users have Fuellox Facia where Light Vehicle are refuelled 24x7. Bulk deliveries or dispensing is offered via the lockable section of the tanks.

CPB Contractors

Why Facia

Large tanks should be locked up.

Large Tanks

Keeping unwanted or unauthorized persons away from critical equipment keeps your equipment, fuel and fleet safe from tampering. It will also keep people away from equipment that usually requires training for safe operation.

Fuellox Facia Installation

Fuellox Facia electrical Inside pump bay
Fuellox Facia electrical Inside pump bay
Container tank with Fuellox Facia

Chasis or Complete

We can supply Facia units with a large enclosure as shown above or with a compact enclosure. Choose from:

  • A range of Power supplies
  • Pump contactors for AC Power or HV DC 3 Phase
  • A range of solenoids to drive air powered pumps
  • Wired complete ready to go or as a shell. Supply your own electrical
  • Integrated EStop can be included
  • Integrated Keyed Bypass
  • A Range of Bluetooth antenna options for larger depots

Fuellox Facia Front Panel

Facia Main Panel

Fuellox Facia Short

Facia Short Enclosure

Fuellox Facia Tall - Front

Facia Short Enclosure

Fuellox Facia Tall - Internal

Shown with selected electrical components

Facia Tall Internal

Fuellox Facia Mounting Template

See the Facia Template for installers. [Download content from our Installation manual]

Facia Template

Fuellox Facia V1 - Legacy Product

Facia Systems