Smart Use Of Tech To Beat A $95m Fuel Problem

QUEENSLAND – David White, CEO of Australian-developed disruptor product Fuellox, believes he has the answer to a $95 million dollar problem with fuel management. And the key lies in your pocket: your smart phone.

Mr White, a fuels chemist with 20 years experience within the petrochemical sector, has developed a breakthrough fuel management system called Fuellox which he believes even small fleet operators in industries such as earth moving, agriculture, transport, and civil contractors will be able to easily afford.

The Fuellox system uses your smartphone to control the small modules which are installed onto dispensing tanks, meaning businesses won’t need to pay for expensive user interfaces which can be as much as $15,000 each with competitors and one system as high as $30,000.

In comparison, Mr White says Fuellox would only cost $6,000 for the entire system–an immediate savings of $9,000–and provides depot-quality fuel management at a price that’s unbeatable.

But Fuellox isn’t going to unseat incumbents like Compac and Datafuel just yet, with Mr White admitting Fuellox isn’t for everyone. “It’s probably not going to make sense for a business that runs thousands of vehicles with thousands of users. We’re a new company, and we’re perfect for most fleets who need an FMS, but there are definitely cases where we can’t help too much.

“We’ve even referred people to other options where we know Fuellox won’t help, because at the end of the day, if we can’t do the job right, people won’t use us–no matter how easy or inexpensive we make it for them.”

Mr White urges any fleet operator to consider Fuellox, as fuel management is a concern for businesses of any size. “$95 million of Diesel is lost due to lack of fuel management every year in the earth moving industry alone. And the sooner businesses consider an FMS like Fuellox, the sooner these unnecessary losses are reduced. It just doesn’t make sense to sit idle while this is happening to your business… and for many of these companies fuel is an expense that takes up to 50% of their bottom line.”

You can learn more about the Fuellox fuel management system here: Fuellox