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Record Keeping

You need to keep track of where your fuel goes. Track equipment usage, operator activity, location and more. Create detailed project fuel usage reports. Quick and reliable reporting for fuel tax claims.

Security & Access

You need to keep track of who is using the fuel and what machines are being refuelled. Track on a map WHERE our fuel is used, and create quick reliable reporting for fuel tax claims.

Fleet Consumption

You need telemetry data on equipment, which includes fuel usage and hours or kilometres from the odometer. Track location of most refuelling events, and prepare quick reliable reports for fuel tax claims.

Multiple Tanks

We have many tanks in the fleet and don;t have a practical way to manage multiple tanks and our diverse refuelling needs.

Remote Sites

We have remote tanks with users in remote locations and need to manage those people. Sending FOB’s is not practical for us.

Insource Refuelling

We pay a high premium for ‘direct to plant; refuelling services. We need to internalise the supply of fuel to our remote equipment. Our fuel costs are getting out of control.

Record Keeping

Fuellox eliminates several challenges around record keeping. Firstly, no manual records are required. Secondly, no logsheets need to be collected sent into the office. Thirdly, there is no need to create a spreadsheet from the logbooks. Fourthly, There will never be missing data. and Lastly, reports are instant.

Check out this handly calculator to determine how much you manual log book are costing you.


Fuellox improves the security of stored fuel. Only people with access to the Fuellox App can actually dispense fuel. You’ll always know WHO took fuel, WHERE they used it, HOW MUCH fuel was dispensed, and into WHAT plant and equipment.

All manual processes to collect and transfer data are eliminated further reducing the opportunity for logbooks to be changed.


Fleet Management

Fuellox tracks where any machine in your fleet was refuelled last. At each refuelling event Fuellox can capture odometer, plant id, date/time, fuel volume and other parameters.

Fuellox uses QR Codes to select equipment. Reliable equipment selection leads to more consistent reporting and better quality data.

Multiple Tanks

Fuellox is designed for businesses with multiple tanks. Traditional fuel management is often too costly for business with multiple tanks.

Fuellox is ideal for fuel trailers, cubes, poly tanks, or combinations where large tanks are used to refuel smaller portable tanks.


Remote Sites

Remote Sites means remote people and remote plant and equipment. Generic Fuel Management is usually not up to the task of managing both.

Fuellox uses sophisticated systems to allow remote management of members, without having to send them a FOB. Fuellox also allows multiple members to manage plant and equipment, without direct access to the Fuellox Web app.

Insource Refuelling

With rising fuel costs, and increasing demand in metro areas, on-site refuelling costs have surged relative to terminal gate pricing. Many businesses are improving margins by ‘insourcing’ refuelling activities.

Fuellox allows your team to take care of refuelling, without the need to create fuel logbooks. Fuellox records dispensing events to the cloud immediately. See where, who and how much fuel is used by machine, project, cost centre etc. Create instant reports for fuel tax rebates.


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