So you are looking for a Portable Fuel tank…

Where does your diesel actually go? Could you be losing fuel?

You should be glad you found Fuellox first!

What is Fuellox?

Fuel Management from a Smartphone.

Fuellox is Fuel Management from a Smartphone. Fuellox ensures only the people you authorise, refuel the equipment you own. Fuellox makes your team accountable for the fuel they use. The Fuellox app turns your smartphone into and enterprise grade Fuel Management system.


Secure App

The Fuellox App controls who can take fuel, and ensures the right information is captured each and every time fuel is dispensed.

Secure Hardware

Fuellox takes over control of your pump. No refuelling without the Fuellox App.

Secure Portal

The Fuellox Portal is designed to give you quick access to data. Report on each operator, machine, tank or project with a few clicks
Fuellox Hardware and App
Fuellox Portal on PC

Since you are looking for a portable Fuel tank, you obviously move fuel around.

Fuel Theft Costs

Australian construction related business over $80M per year.


How do you know your fuel goes where its meant to?

We hate to alarm you but the statistics for fuel theft from businesses just like yours are unacceptable.

Luckily Fuellox has created a way for any business to track and manage fuel in portable applications using the power of a smartphone.

Developed right here in Australia, Fuellox is revolutionising the way people transport, dispense and track fuel used in off site locations and with portable equipment.

Simply install the Fuellox system to your dispensing tank and your smartphone ensures your staff can only dispense fuel into your equipment.

Track the equipment, operator, volume and know exactly where your fuel is dispensed using Fuellox’s unique geo locating features. You’ll know exactly where your fuel is going at all times.

Join the ever growing list of Australian businesses taking fuel security seriously. Take action today to prevent fuel losses and reduce your admin costs managing fuel.

Fuel is one of the largest costs in your business and any reduction in fuel loss seriously moves the needle.



Fuellox tracks Who takes the fuel. You have a record that tracks the person and the phone.


Fuellox tracks What machine received the fuel. Refuelling data by fleet, instantly.


Fuellox tracks where your fuel goes, quite literally. how? On a map of course.


Fuellox tracks When your fuel was used.

How much is 80 Million Litres?

It’s actually 1,600 B Doubles in rough numbers.

See video description – Click to play.

Lets Talk

Book a time to have chat with one of our Technical team to see if we can help you.

Intro Package

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to go place your order now. Intro Package while stocks last.

Fuel Log Book App

Fuellox also works as a Fuel Log Book.

By running the Fuellox App in Log Book mode your team can record all their fuel usage.

Fuellox Log Book replaces your manual log books AND gives you the power of the Fuellox cloud reporting system.

Ask any Tank Supplier to install Fuellox.

Not everyone wants to install equipment, so ask your tank supplier to install Fuellox for you.

Be sure to request it by name.

Client Testimonials

We can track all our fuel, with no Fobs or Tokens. She’s a ‘beaut’ mate, works 100%.

CPB - New Parallel Runway, QLD

Our team even use it to track what projects the fuel is used on and where our machines were last refuelled.

CLMU - Sydney, NSW

One person can manage people in remote locations, without sending them a tag. And we can see where each refuelling action takes place.

Borg Manufacturing - NSW

Is Fuellox the right choice for you?

Call 1300 557 356 now to speak with a Fuellox Tech.

Or, use our Calendar to schedule a call at a time that suits you. A quick 5 minute call is all it takes to discover whether the revolutionary Fuellox fuel management system will save you time and money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Fuellox?
It really depends on how many tanks, operators and equipment you have. Let’s have a chat to discuss your need further.
Where can I get Fuellox?
If you have a tank, you can order Fuellox from us, and install it yourself. If you need a tank or would like to get your Fuellox installed, we have a number of distributors and installers to refer you to. Just fill out the form, tell us about your needs and we’ll ensure the right people get in touch.
Does Fuellox really work?
We have many customers successfully using Fuellox to manage their fuel. From farms, earthmoving, manufacturing, transport and forestry.
What is unique about Fuellox?
Several things are unique about Fuellox. From how you manage users, mapping your fuel transactions, and how it can identify equipment.
How does Fuellox work?
Great Question! The Fuellox app and hardware communicate via Bluetooth, and the App communicates with the cloud over normal data.
How much data does Fuellox use?
You can use Fuellox for a whole month and it would be like watching a 30 second Youtube video, or scrolling on Facebook for a few minutes. Each time you use Fuellox it’s similar the data used to send & receive a few emails.
Do we need to have company issued phones?
No. Many of our customers employees use the Fuellox app from their own personal smartphone.