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What is so great about Fuellox?

Fuellox allows any business to have the very best of Fuel Management without the hefty price tags.

Fuellox is the latest evolution in Fuel Management.

Simply install the Fuellox hardware to your dispensing tank and your smartphone becomes your gateway to a new world of simplicity and enterprise class fuel management.

See slide show below:

  • GPS Locate each event
  • No fobs or tags to deal with
  • cloud management
  • Scan QR Codes to identify equipment
  • Tailor the data you capture
  • Instant reports
  • Invite new users via SMS interface
  • Mange Equipment remotely

Typical Fuel Management Strategies

In most equipment oriented businesses fuel is one of the highest costs, yet it’s often overlooked. A typical business has many processes in place to manage labour costs but often few to manage fuel costs. We can help you tailor an approach to Fuel Management.


Dispensing Control

Know WHERE your fuel goes.

Know who took fuel, how much, what machine, what project. Ensure fuel goes where its meant too. Create detailed reports of your fuel costs and quickly compile data to support BAS and fuel tax rebates.

With FUELLOX your smartphone does most of the job.


Intank Security

Keep your fuel where it belongs.

It's a shocking fact that diesel is stolen every day from operation tanks. Construction, Agriculture even trucks in depots fall victim to fuel theft. KOCKON anti syphon devices install to your running tanks in minutes and prevent fuel theft.

Lock down your mobile equipment and make sure fuel can't be stolen.



Manage your Inventory, manage your Working Capital.

You need to know what fuel you have where. Keeping track of inventory means you don't have to worry about running out of fuel, or ordering too much.

Minimise what you hold to maximise your cash flow.

Fuellox tank monitoring solutions are easy to install and help you manage fuel.


“We’ve never had a system that was so intuitive. People just install it and know how to use it. Even our older guys who we thought would struggle are using it easily.”

Site Manager – Brisbane Airport Construction

“This is going to Ruffle some Feathers…”

Project Manager – Leading Refuelling Equipment Supplier

“We have never seen something so innovative. Fuellox will be used everywhere within the business.”

Senior Plant Manager – CPB Contractors

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