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Australia’s First Smartphone Fuel-Management System

  • Accurate fuel control reports, EVERY TIME!
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles
  • Instant access via smartphone
  • Simple and fast remote setup
  • Saves you time and money — MORE PROFIT!
Australia’s First Smartphone Fuel-Management Reporting System Gives You Accurate, Real-Time Data on Fuel Usage…It’s Robust, Stable, Easy-to-Install and Enables You to Monitor Fuel Usage From the Palm of Your Hand.

How you can benefit from Fuellox

Consider this handy checklist to determine if your business may be in need of Fuel Management.

Incomplete Information

Do you ever wonder where fuel is going or have difficulty assessing the fuel consumption of any plant or projects?

Paper Fuel Logs

Do you or your staff have manual processes to log and account for fuel usage?

Fuel Receipts

Do you have trouble collecting and collating fuel receipts from multiple fuel purchases?


Do you have challenges relating actual fuel purchases to usage? Can you track fuel consumption for every piece of plant or vehicle?


Does your business operate any fuel storage such as fixed tanks, or portable tanks?


Do you (or should you) use spreadsheets to track fuel expenses or usage? Does your business spend time populating spreadhseets for fuel use?

Fluctuating Fuel Costs

Do your fuel costs change dramatically for some periods?

Book keeping

Do you struggle to provide adequate documentation to your bookkeeper or financial admin team? Do you have trouble collecting information to claim for tax credits.

Usage & Costs

Is fuel a high proportion of your businesses total cost of operation? i.e. over 10%?
All of these barriers can lead to missing or inaccurate fuel consumption data. This makes it harder to calculate the fuel volume used and its cost, reducing a business’ ability to manage its fuel effectively.

Switching to an app based fuel managed system can overcome these shortcomings.

Here are some benefits of an app based fuel management systems:

  • Significantly reduced operating costs 
  • Increased safety through automation, spill prevention and overfill
  • Decreased errors, logistics costs, downtime and maintenance
  • Accurate, on-time reports and billing
  • Easy integration with existing equipment
  • Higher security levels
  • No keys, tags, fobs or PINs required
  • Accurate auditing for ease of making diesel fuel rebate claims

Now a Revolutionary Fuel Management System gives you complete control over fuel costs.


Smartphone Enabled Fuel Management System

The World’s First Smartphone-Enabled Fuel Management System (FMS) For Optimised Control of Your Fixed and Portable Fuel Tanks.

The innovative FMS gives you access to an integrated, secure and location-aware dispensing system for managing any fleet size and configuration – small, fixed or portable tanks.

Fuel-consumption data can be accessed in real time using an Android or iOS Smartphone

Dispensing is only unlocked through the app which keeps the fuel secure

How Fuellox Works

Fuellox is a sophisticated and easy-to-use FMS operated using only four components.

1. Fuellox Hardware

2. Bluetooth Enabled Smart Phone

3. Smartphone application

4. Online Portal

1. Install Fuellox Hardware

Install Fuellox onto your dispensing tank. (Note: Requires a pulse meter) Fuellox controls the pump and can only be activated with the authorised app in range, about 10 meters.

2. Use the Fuellox App

Anytime someone needs fuel, open up the Fuellox app. Just login, scan your QR Code and start the pump. Fuellox App collects all the data and posts that off to the Fuellox cloud.

3. Report & Manage

From the Fuellox cloud you can generate all your fuel usage reports, manage Users, add or remove equipment.

The Portal is an intiutive interface that makes Fuel Management EASY.

What Makes Fuellox a Superior and Cost-Effective FMS?

Unlike many other Fuel Management Systems, Fuellox is built to work with smartphones, making it easy, convenient and affordable to manage your fuel costing.

In fact, since you already have a smartphone, the most expensive part of the entire fuel management system is already taken care of.

Traditional FMSs require an expensive, upfront investment and replacement within a few years, due to obsolete equipment.

Fuellox is customisable and utilises your own device and equipment.  It lasts for the lifetime of your equipment and beyond.

By leveraging cloud you can access data in an easy-to use app, saving you money – from installation to maintenance.

Fuellox’s unique customisation means you only pay for the components you use, giving you the freedom to manage fuel dispensing where and when you need it.

Fuellox assigns each refuelling event to a vehicle. With Fuellox, you can instantly add or remove users, making it great for short-term projects or various clients.

Fuellox captures a lot more real-time data compared to many other fuel management systems. With real-time reporting, there’s no need for logbooking. Also, since the system is app-based, every user has a unique I.D. and if they lose, damage or destroy a handset, the next one will re-sync transactions.

What People are Saying

“Wow – Speechless”

“This is going to Ruffle some Feathers…” Project Manager – Leading Refuelling Equipment Supplier

“Never had something so Intuituve”

“We’ve never had a system that was so intuitive. People just install it and know how to use it. Even our older guys who we thought would stuggle are using it easilly.” Site Manager – Brisbane Airport Construction

“This changes the way we do things”

“We have never seen something so innovative. Fuellox will be used everywhere within the business.” Senior Plant Manager – CPB

More Reasons to Choose Fuellox 

Accurate Record Keeping and Accountability

No more ‘lost’ fuel, inexact log books and poor cost control on fuel accounting. You don’t pay for an expensive installation roll-out, numerous man-hours of administration and ongoing servicing, plus all your fuel is accounted for.

Accurate Real-Time Data

Fuellox is the world’s first fuel dispensing system which uses smartphones as its main interface. It utilises the phones data, Bluetooth, GPS and camera.

The system offers real-time reporting, giving your company visibility and accuracy.

For portable systems, Fuellox integrates mapping functionality. Now you can see where your fuel was used!

Seamless Office Processes

Instalantly track on-road vs off-road fuel usage for any period at the click of a button. This makes fuel tax reporting, and tax credit claims fast, simple, consistent and accurate. Best of all, you never have to worry about managing spreadsheets.


Cost Effective

Simply install the Fuellox hardware module to your existing pumping and dispensing units. Lock down all unauthorised usage.

Smart & Simple

Gives you real-time reporting and fuel consumption data, all in the one app. It can deal with any size fleet and configuration, including small, fixed or portable tanks.

Fast Remote Set-Up

Set up your team and contractors easily via text message…all they need to do is follow the prompts for a fast install.

Instant Reporting

Track all your fuel dispensing events using the automatic logbook on your Fuellox app.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From Fuellox?

If your business is among any of these industries, Fuellox can deliver significant gains to managing your fuel systems.

  • Industrial fuel users comprising
  • Excavation Contractors
  • Small to medium freight and transport operators
  • Maintenance contractors
  • Agricultural fuel users
  • Civil Construction companies
  • Small-medium bus operators
  • Demolition
  • Hire companies and equipment
  • Underground tunnelling, drilling, pilling
  • Manufacturing
  • Power and generator rental companies
  • Event management (Power, HVAC and lighting)
  • Councils
  • Small mines, quarries and waste management facilities.
  • Forestry
  • Marine
  • Any customer that uses large off road machinery
  • Any other portable fuel use
To find out how your business can leverage Fuellox to stop fuel wastage and get complete control over fuel costs contact us for an obligation-free consultation.

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