Local Breakthrough In Fuel Management

QUEENSLAND – Smaller fleet operators in Australia such as earth movers or civil contractors will be relieved to hear about new ‘challenger’ fuel management system Fuellox. Based on the Sunshine Coast, IOTIQ Pty Ltd, the developers of Fuellox have developed new technology which allows depot-quality fuel management on fleets of any size, at a fraction of the cost compared to well-known incumbents such as Compac, DataFuel and Smartfill.

Fuellox Founder David White, a fuels chemist with 20 years experience within the petrochemical sector, claims the installation costs alone can be over 50% cheaper. In his example, an installation on 4 diesel tanks would cost just under $20,000 rather than the $70,000 which is typical from other companies in the market.

These cost reductions mean fuel management systems are finally available to most of the commercial and industrial market in Australia, something that’s been prohibitively expensive before.

Asking Mr. White how this was possible, he replied, “the cost savings we pass on to these businesses come down to the fact that the Fuellox system is mostly controlled from your smartphone. You don’t need to buy and install a user interface, where a lot of the cost is for competitors. You just pull up the app on your phone, use it’s camera to ID the equipment, and use it with the Fuellox module that’s installed on the dispensing tank. That’s it.

“So, it’s not only cheaper, it’s easier to use too and you can only access fuel through the app which means you have a very secure system that’s monitored in real-time, down to the individual user. The phone even tracks the GPS for location-based reporting, so it’s very hard to take advantage of anything.”

It’s an interesting take on an industry that’s been relatively untouched by advances in technology, and one that’s sure to be welcomed by businesses who’ve never used a fuel management system before because of costs.

You can learn more about the Fuellox fuel management system here: Fuellox