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The Fuellox Web Portal


Replacing your manual log books with the Fuellox app simplifies your bookkeeping and accountability, because it automatically logs all fuel usage and syncs online.


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Cloud Based System Management

The Fuellox console is where you manage the system. By creating new equipment, clients, projects etc in the console, those parameters are available within the app instantly.

Parameters can also be disabled in the console, thereby preventing your users from logging new data. Example: A project is complete, simply switch the flag in the Console and the app will no longer be able to connect data to it.


Simply Brilliant

Have a new employee or contractor? No problem! Just create a new user in the app, and send them invitations via SMS, with a password, or password reminder. You can onboard new user in <1 minute, and then can be dispensing fuel in <5 minutes! No more tokens on programming at the pump!

Fuellox can be configured to work with different combinations of transaction parameters. Don’t want to use Clients or Projects? We just disable that feature in the system.

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