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For ultimate control over your fuel management system, upgrade your entire fuel management system with the Fuellox dispensing units – without the huge price tag charged by other fuel management systems.


Our machine

What do you buy?

The actual hardware you need is our system module. It integrates to your pump control, and a pulse meter.

Install the pulse meter down line from the pump, and wire it back to the Fuellox control module.

Our system will then take over switching control of your pump, via its relay. There are a few options to consider who installs Fuellox and we’ll be sure to help you manage that process for your particular configuration.

Install the unit anywhere, it rarely requires user access and can be located as mush as 15m* away and still perform well. Fuellox can be installed in a vehicle cabin, tank bund, tool box or any other weather proof area.

Note*: Variable subject to proximity, line of sight and local interference.

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