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The Fuellox Tank Gauge

Keeping track of your fuel has never been easier

Fuellox provides several ways to keep track of your diesel inventory. Fuellox level is 20% of the cost of most Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) platforms.

Fuellox Tank Levels Web And Phone

Fuellox level is 20% of the cost of most Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) platforms.

Fuel Management: The way it was meant to be

Traditional fuel management has forever changed with the launch of Fuellox. Your team can now manage all fuel dispensing control and reporting using the power of a smart phone.

Fuellox level measurement probes simply install to any Fuellox unit and provide updated readings each and every time the system is accessed. Manage inventory using our smartphone app or via the Fuellox portal. Assign different users access to level as needed.

Fuellox provides daily email alerts. Circulate these emails to your chosen fuel suppliers, for their latest prices and delivery options.

Fuellox Level Probe

Fuellox has forever changed the game in Fuel Management, and our integrated level monitoring is a no brainer for any static tank.

Drop the probe into your tank, install 2 wires and we’ll do the rest.

Fuellox level probes are simple to install, accurate to 5% and ideal for scheduling assistance.

Our advanced Level dashboard allows you to create set points for Warning and Reorder states, providing a simple traffic light display for reordering efficiency.

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More about Fuellox…

Installing Fuellox will transform you Fuel Management in more ways than one.

Time Saving

Moving to Fuellox will save time in the field and in the office. Logging the fuel is instant and reporting is automatically updated.


With equipment selection via QR Code scan, your dispensing reporting just got a whole lot more accurate.


A range of custom parameters enable businesses to track their fuel against clients, sites and projects so as to get the full picture of your project costs.



Your mobile phone rarely goes missing, paper logs do, before and after they are completed. With the Fuellox app, you grab your phone… pump your fuel… the data is in the cloud.


The chasing of fuel log’s by admin staff is a thing of the past. Fuel is logged and the office has instant access.


Equipment can be selected via drop down or QR code to ensure correct selection. Equipment can also be set for on and off road fuel cost to achieve fast and accurate fuel tax credit submissions.

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