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Fuellox System

What is Fuellox

Fuellox is an entirely new way to manage fuel. Fuellox installs to any pump and enables any smartphone to work as a world class fuel management system (FMS).

Any tank, large or small and any fuel dispensing pump can now be upgraded to enable powerful fleet reporting tools and security, all while replacing log books and manual record keeping.

Fuellox data is stored on the cloud, in real time to create a easy reporting interface to record and report on all fuel usage.

Vide Description and Use Case

Fuel Management on a Smartphone

Now you can apply the power of a Smartphone to Fuel Management.

Smartphones have disrupted the human experience unlike anything in our lifetime. 

Benefit of Fuellox

Fuellox uses your existing pumps and smartphones to create an awesome way for you to keep track of your fuel. It replaces all manual fuel logging, spreadsheets and reporting with a clean simple cloud platform.

Works on Android & Apple Phones

Simple and Intuitive to use

Easy to implement in any business

Works on any tank, even Small ones!

GPS Tracking

Check where your fuel goes. View all events on a map.

Easy Install

Can be installed by any mechanic or electrician.

User Support

Call our Helpdesk for support with Fuellox App and the Fuellox dashboard. We can even reconfigure your system remotely.

Updates & Features

Product improvements ship via the app to any Android or Apple device.

Scan Equipment

Scan our QR Codes for easy reliable plant identification. Option to prevent refuelling for without QR Codes.

User Management

Invite users to your Fuellox App by SMS from our Dashboard. Manage remote users without having to hand out FOB’s

Installing Fuellox

The power of Fuellox comes from the Smartphone app. Our hardware is much simpler and therefore more cost-effective than other leading Fuel Management Systems .

Retrofits to any tank and pump

Perfect for Utes and Trailers

Enclosure options for any application

Works on any tank, even Small ones!

Installation is Simple

Review our documentation on how to install Fuellox. There are several options so feel free to talk to our Helpdesk to discuss how to handle your particular equipment.

Distributed Refuelling

Some businesses, like back to base transport fleets only have one fuel tank. Its quite simple to manage fuel from those tanks, they are on site, with security, plenty of people coming and going etc. And there are many options for electronics management on those tanks.

The reality is many companies operate multiple refuelling systems, across multiple sites or in mobile applications.

Fuellox is optimised for such applications and is ideal for customers with

Portable Tanks and Trailers

Small relocatable fuel cubes

Poly tanks and ute packs

Multiple sites, depots and locations

Short term personnel and subbies.

Satelite tanks in remote yards


Fuellox works best in the following applications.

Portable Refuelling

Check where your fuel goes. View all events on a map.

Multiple Tanks

Due to lowers costs, Fuellox is the best choice for multiple tanks.

Many Customers

If you are trying to manage fuel across multiple customers, Fuellox has you covered.

Existing Smartphones

Don’t give your team more ‘stuff’ to carry around when they can use their smartphone for the job.

Complex Fleets

Fuellox is great for large complex fleets due to its ability easily detect plant equipment from QR Codes.

Remote Users

Invite users to your Fuellox App by SMS from our Dashboard. Manage remote users without having to hand out FOB’s