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Are you a victim of fuel theft?

Fuel Syphon Crimes are Increasing

Introducing Kockon

In tank Anti Syphon Systems


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Kockon installs effortlessly to most diesel fuel tanks, and prevents any insertion of a hose. No more syphon attacks!

These systems have been used in Eastern Europe for over 10 years with huge success.

With systems for any tank neck and diameter Kockon is a game changer.

Engineered for Protection

Kockon has had 10+ years of engineering to ensure the units perform two primary tasks:

  1. Let the fuel in
  2. Keep the fuel in

Installs in Minutes

Apply anti-theft device to fuel tank
Insert device in fuel tank
Photo of refuelling with standard fuel hose

Available Now

Fuellox are now bringing Kockon to Australia. Call anytime on
1300 557 356  to discuss how Kockon can protect you from Fuel Theft.

OEM Specific Parts

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105mm Series

Construction Series

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