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Fuel Theft – what are you doing about it?

We see this every few years… That is high fuel pricing and rapid increases in fuel theft. 

Fuel theft is an enormous cost to any business. While there is the obvious cost of replacing the stolen fuel there are many other factors such as:

  • Spills on site
  • Damage to security equipment, gates and fences
  • Vandalism on site
  • Damage to vehicles and equipment
  • Downtime of staff members to repair equipment and clean-up from spills
  • Reporting and follow up on fuel spills
  • and many others…

There is also the issue of a vehicle potentially leaving the site with limited fuel onboard resulting in a breakdown. There are now additional costs due to delayed deliveries to customers, having vehicles towed or attended to on the street and In many breakdown incidents, customers are inconvenienced when deliveries are late, or in some cases, perishable goods are damaged or destroyed in the heat while vehicles await maintenance support.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Fuellox has teamed up with Lago Genesis from Europe to provide Kockon antisiphon devices and technology to Australian customers.

Your after-hours visitors will soon find themselves deeply frustrated when they can’t steal your fuel. The only thing they can do is go find it somewhere else.


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“If you can prevent $500 in Fuel Theft, your new Kockon anti syphon pays for itself…”

With the average tank of fuel for a medium rigid delivery truck in a capital city approaching $400 in costs, installation of Kockon antisiphon devices can be paid back by saving as little as one fuel theft event.

For our friends in the construction industry where a typical Caterpillar 336 carries 600 L of fuel and on-site refuelling services charging well above $2.00/Litre, their Kockon purchase is repaid if they can prevent a 1/3 tank syphon event.


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Kockon is a simple product, however, there are many combinations of tank necks, such as threaded, bayonet and various diameters on tank inlets. For this reason, Genesis has developed a comprehensive range of equipment and fittings to suit just about every tank.

Construction equipment, static equipment, rigid vehicles and products from a diverse range of OEM’s are all covered.

There are typical options for your standard Scania, Volvo, Western Star or Mack truck and there are combinations of equipment to suit Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, construction equipment as well as John Deere, Massey Ferguson and anything else in your fleet.

sTo know which components will suit your equipment simply download our worksheet and submit the form to our technical team so we can recommend the correct anti syphon product for your fleet.

Kockon E-Book

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Fuel levels and theft prevention devices

Equipment Worksheet

Complete the worksheet for a detailed equipment review and part recommendation.

Business Audit

Complete our quick business audit to determine if your business is at risk of fuel theft from syphoning.

KOCKON Caterpillar Kit

KOCKON Caterpillar Kit

KOCKON CAT KIT – Contains M2 80 + CAT M2 Adapter plate – Parts: 794520001 & 824511015.


Easy and fast installation without the need for special tools, mechanical modifications of tanks, riveting or gluing.