Transform Portable and Remote Fuel Management: Save on Labour & Admin with Fuellox
Fuellox: Revolutionise Your Fuel Tracking Today
From 'no data' to instant insights: Fuellox transforms fuel tracking to boost efficiency.

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Watch our Fuellox System Overview: See how this simple system leads to more efficient fuel management processes.

  • Reduce fuel related Office Admin by 90%
  • Create instant FUEL TAX REBATE reports
  • Prevent Misuse of Fuel
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Fuellox is making big waves in a little pond!
We've brought high-end fuel management from the domain of industry giants right to your doorstep.

Now, everyone can access world-class fuel management—just by combining the power of your smartphone with our innovative, high-tech device.

Don't believe us? Just ask Dave!

We now have customers who can acquire our system for the price of a smartphone—a system that replaces incumbent technologies costing as much as a car! Why haven't you heard about Fuellox yet?
While You Battle Fuel Loss...
There’s a hidden adversary lurking in the shadows: outdated and overpriced fuel management systems. These systems are sold by vendors who could offer better but choose not to. They’ve known about solutions like Fuellox but kept it a secret, preferring to push older technology that lines their pockets at your expense.

They intentionally kept Fuellox under wraps so you would continue purchasing systems priced at $10k, $15k, even $20k, just so they could make an extra buck off you.
Fuellox: Proven Technology
Fuellox has proven itself on major infrastructure projects, working with the biggest and even the smallest fuel users.

This achievement has driven us to create even better and more robust systems. We have invested heavily in our technology to ensure you get the best possible value for your money.
Some Fuellox Customers
Brisbane's Cross River Rail
CBGU Alliance
Brisbane's Cross River Rail

14 Seperate Refuelling locations, many underground. Various sub contractors and stages.

6M 4 Years
Brisbane Parrallel Airport
Brisbane's New Parallel Runway

Fuellox was selected for all light vehicle refueling, delivering cost-effective and reliable service to 300 active users and Vehicles.

3M 2 Years
Western Sydney Airport
Western Sydney Airport

The largest earthmoving fleet assembled in the southern hemisphere for over 50 years, refuelled with Fuellox technology.

30M 3 Years

Jenny's Testimonial

Meet Jenny, who operates a commercial farm in Southern NSW.

Jenny recently started using the Fuellox System in Aug 2023. After onboarding the team, Jenny is now enjoying less stress accounting for fuel.

  • Replace manual logbooks with digital records

  • Automated reporting

  • Eliminated paperwork, spreadsheets and data entry

  • Works on all Android and iOS Smartphones

CLMU Testimonial

Meet Peter, who operates CLMU a Civil Construction Company in Sydney.

CLMU are a Sydney-based civil construction company. CLMU were struggling to monitor their fuel usage across diverse projets.

  • Secures Fuel Truck dispening

  • Location Tracking on all events

  • Detailed equipment and project reporting

  • Automate reports

  • Instant Fuel Tax Excide reporting


Fuellox is here to help

If you have a specific question or concern just talk to our team. Fuellox has many options to support any requirement.