Fuellox: Revolutionise Your Fuel Management - Effortless Control & Reporting.

Seamless Fuel Management at Your Fingertips - Discover the Future of Fuel Dispensing

Seamless Fuel Management at Your Fingertips - Discover the Future of Fuel Dispensing
Innovative Fuel Management: Utilize your smartphone to manage fuel without the hassle of fobs or tags.

  • Smart Plant Identification
  • Track Refueling Anywhere.
  • Simplified Project Reporting.
  • Experience Fuellox in Action below.
Report by projects
Projects Reporting
Fuel Use reporting by Project
Report by fuel excise classification
Fuel Excise Reporting
Instant Fuel Tax Reporting
Report by system user
User Reporting
Monitor team usage and activity
Detailed fuel usage by fleet
Equipment Reporting
Detailed fleet usage reporting
Fuel Management from Mobile app and web reporting interface
Fuel Management App
Location Tracking for all portable refuelling!
Fuel Management harware to suit any application
Fuel Management Hardware
Choose from a range of hardware to suit any tank or application.

Smart Plant Identification

Quickly identify equipment with QR Labels for efficient fuel dispensing.

Track Refuelling Anywhere

Geo-locate your fuel dispensing activities to ensure fuel is used precisely where needed.

Project Reporting

Easily attribute fuel usage to specific projects, streamlining cost management and reducing admin work.
Unlock the Power of Portable Refueling with Fuellox
Dive into our exclusive video as David unveils a groundbreaking solution that's revolutionizing portable refueling.

Discover how your smartphone becomes the ultimate tool for controlling fuel dispensing, reporting, and management with cutting-edge Fuellox technology.

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