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Fuel Transaction Parameters

Fuel Log Book Options

Within Fuellox, there are many ways to capture extra data with your refuelling events.

Customize your data

Choose from a range of additional parameters to collect with each transaction. Selection can be enforced or optional.

Scroll, Select, Scan or Search

Various options and setting to offer flexible or secure equipment selection.
More Data

Whether your business is customer-orientated, project-orientated or both, Fuellox can ensure your users capture the right data within the system. 

All the data captured at the point of dispense will be available within your fuel reporting. Ever want to know how much fuel is used on a customer’s sites or projects? Fuellox does that instantly at the click of a button.

Perhaps you just want to capture data real simplewell that’s covered too!

Search Equipment

The Search function allows your users to find equipment quickly in a large complex fleet. This feature is disabled for smaller fleets and some plans.



By utilizing our advanced QR code scanning technology, you can remove user error, speed up the process, and ensure consistent refueling data across your fleet. With the “No Scan, No Fill” policy, equipment without a code cannot be refueled.