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Protect Your Fuel

23% of crime reported by Farms to the Australian Federal Police involves Fuel Theft.
Chances are your business suffers from Fuel Theft too.

Are Fuel costs killing your profits?

Fuellox Fixes That!

1. Accountability

By making everyone of your staff accountable for the fuel they use you can minimise your fuel use.

2. Reporting

Turn those paper log books and reports into real data instantly. Reduce office labour. Simplify offroad tax claims.

3. Security

When they know you’re watching they just don’t take it.

4. Location

Know WHERE your fuel was used. Map the actual location that fuel was dispensed.

5. Fleet

Keep track of all you rplant and equipments fuel use. Fuellox scans QR Code to record the equipment.

Farming and Agriculture

We built Fuellox because we knew so many clients are fed up with the high cost and low value of existing Fuel Management.

Paying $10k, even $25k for such a simple system is an obscenity. And most farms don’t have just one fuel tank, there are usually several.

For these reasons, and others, we built Fuellox to work with your smartphone.

You can have World Class enterprise grade Fuel Management with our clever hardware and your existing Smartphone. What’s more any mechanic can even install!

Fuellox is Simple

Fuellox is incredibly easy to set up and use. In fact many of our customers have installed Fuellox themselves.

Watch here to see how easy it is to (a) log in (b) Scan a a QR Code and (c) Dispense Fuel.

How does Fuellox work?

1. Install Fuellox Hardware

Install Fuellox onto your dispensing tank. (Note: Requires a pulse meter) Fuellox controls the pump and can only be activated with the authorised app in range, about 10 meters.

2. Use the Fuellox App

Anytime someone needs fuel, open up the Fuellox app. Just login, scan your QR Code and start the pump. Fuellox App collects all the data and posts that off to the Fuellox cloud.

3. Report & Manage

From the Fuellox cloud you can generate all your fuel usage reports, manage Users, add or remove equipment.

The Portal is an intiutive interface that makes Fuel Management EASY.

AgQuip 2019 Special Offer

For attendees of AgQuip, Fuellox has put together the deal of the century.

Simply order your Fuellox during the show and receive 7 FREE NIGHTS IN BALI for each Fuellox system.

Fuellox System

12 Months Service Fee + System setup

System setup & training

100 lpm Pulse Meter

50 QR Stickers


Just $5,000 + GST

Is Fuellox the right choice for you?

Call 1300 557 356 now to speak with a Fuellox Tech.

Or, use our Calendar to schedule a call at a time that suits you. A quick 5 minute call is all it takes to discover whether the revolutionary Fuellox fuel management system will save you time and money.

Recent Installations

What Others Are Saying

CPB - Brisbane Airport

Fuellox has been in operation at BNE New Parrallel Runway for 2 years. 100+ users and 300+ light vehilces refuelled via Fuellox.

“She just works mate, its a beaut…”

Chris Shepherd, Plant Manager

Borg Manufacturing

Fuellox has been in operation with Borg across their manufacturing and forestry divisions. 5 tanks, 150+ plant and many users.

“Fuellox is just perfect for our remote sites…”

Justin Blundell, Plant Manager

Fuellox Installation

If you need assistance to Install, Commission of modify a Fuellox unit, check the installation documentation.

Lets Talk

Book a time to have chat with one of our Technical team. We’ll quikly evaluate your circumstances and make some recommendations.

Fuel Theft

Have you ever had fuel stolen from your tanks? Kockon by Genesis is Europes leading In Tank Anti Syphon system. Now available from Fuellox.

Fuel Management Solutions

Fuel Security

If your business doesn’t even measure where the fuel there is a strong possibility its not going where you want it to. Fuel theft is a MASSIVE problem in Australia, with 80 Million Litres stolen annually.


Staff, visitors, contractor, family. Everyone. When everyone is accountable for the fuel they use ‘wastage’ is eliminated.


Your new Fuellox Fuel reports are going to give you new insights into the equipment you use, and the running costs of that equipment.

Log Book Option

Fuellox can operate as a Log Book Solution as well. Ask us for more information.

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