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QR Scanning

Expand your Fuellox system to enable fast, reliable, and consistent equipment selection. QR Codes can be ordered with your system or added at a later time.

From a Transaction, Click Scan

The App will open your Camera.

Point and Scan - Very Simple

THE QR Code selects the Equipment, Compartment, Fluid, and a Preset Volume if you have one.

Your Equipment is Identified

You can enter the ODO or move on to the next stage.
Selecting Equipment
Operators can, at times, select the incorrect equipment when doing their fuel logs. To avoid this, Fuellox revolutionised that step and transformed it into a highly visual process. Now, operators can just scroll through the list or use the search function to find the unit they need. No more complicated steps!

We have also restructured the equipment selection,  as the Fuellox App can scan a QR Code. Simply attach our special QR code sticker or panel to any machine, which when scanned from the Fuellox app will select the assigned equipment automatically. That also includes the fuel type and preset.

QR Codes can be purchased for any Fuellox system, either upfront or added at a later time.

I’ve heard enough. Let’s get started!

Sign up for a FREE trial of the Fuellox Fuel Log Book app with no credit card required.

You can even add some extras to your trial if you really want to get serious in leveling up your fuel management experience.

The Extras

Trial Participant Offers

We've got a few options to make your Fuellox trial run smoother.

Get QR Stickers

Add our QR Code Stickers to your Equipment for fast, consistent and reliable scanning. Deploy via the app, and create additional system security. Available in packs of 50, or customise POA. 

Import Data

We'll Import your Equipment into the Fuellox Database. Who's got time for data entry, and there are bound to be some mistakes. Send us a spreadsheet and we'll take care of the rest.

Extend you trial

Extend your trial for a few months. Run Fuellox till the end of next Quarter. Why not run a complete BAS cycle to really test it out?

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