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Training & Demonstration

For a quick overview of how to use Fuellox on Cross River Rail sites, watch this short video.

If you would like a quick link to this page embed this QR Code into any printed material.


  1. Download the Fuellox app from the Android or Apple App Store.
  2. Log in to the Fuellox app using the credentials provided. The credentials are most likely sent as an SMS to the approved mobile phone.
  3. Allow the app to complete its login and sync process.
  4. If the phone has a PIN number or other security measure the Fuellox app may save the user login. [Depends on the phone and OS version]
  5. Click the Dispense Menu
  6. Click Scan. Any CRR asset approved for Refuelling via Fuellox can be scanned.
  7. If there is an issue scanning any equipment notify the Fuellox Site Admin. they can resolve issues with QR Codes.
  8. On scanning the equipment, the Client field will be populated.
    The Fuellox unit will connect automatically.


    1. If multiple Fuellox units are in range, please select the preferred unit for connection.
  9. Place the fuel nozzle into the destination tank.
  10. Press the Start button in the Fuellox App.
  11. Complete the refuelling activity.
  12. Release the fuel nozzle trigger.
  13. Press STOP in the Fuellox App.
  14. Press Main Menu in the Fuellox App.
  15. Replace the tank cap and fuel nozzle.
  16. Do not press Logout in the app, or the phone will not remember the user credentials, forcing the user to manually log back in on next use.


  1. Never leave a refuelling activity unattended.
  2. For additional precautions and spill prevention, always hold the nozzle trigger on. Minimise use of the ‘Auto On’ feature.
  3. Consult the Fuellox site admin for system support.