Password Policy

Password Policy

  • Felix
  • April 5, 2022
  • 03 Mins read

This Password Policy is in addition to the Fuellox App Terms and Conditions, the Fuellox Privacy Policy and the Fuellox website Terms and Conditions.

Password Policy

This policy is in addition to the Fuellox Terms and Conditions and the Fuellox Privacy Policy.

Your Fuellox password allows access to your fuel. Any compromised passwords may result in fuel being taken by unauthorized parties.

The Customer must ensure these guidelines are understood and suitably employed within the business and across the employees, contractors, or any other person with access to the Fuellox system.

It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to ensure any person no longer employed, engaged or contracted to the Customer have their Fuellox permissions and access revoked.

Fuellox passwords apply to both Administration users via the Fuellox Portal (administration website via any browser or computer) and to Operator Users with access to the Fuellox app. Where we refer to saving or storing any password we mean on any device in any form.

Your Fuellox passwords must be complex. – We recommend against the use of words and common numbers (ie Dog name, Date of Birth, Phone numbers etc). Your password should contain some upper and lower case letters, some numbers and some alternate characters.

– While we do not currently set a policy as to the complexity of password’s, it is your own responsibility to determine the complexity of a password.

Your Fuellox passwords should be changed periodically. – We recommend changing your Fuellox password every 6 months.

You should not use an old Fuellox password. – Your passwords should be created new each time.

Your Fuellox passwords must be unique to Fuellox. – Where you use a common password across multiple platforms IOTIQ Pty Ltd shall bear no responsibility for any losses where that password is compromised. – To be clear should any member use a common password across Fuellox and any cards, pins, or banking credentials, IOTIQ Pty Ltd shall not be liable for any losses incurred by that person due to the compromise of the password or pin.

Where a Fuellox password is saved within a device (meaning smartphone, computer or equivalent) some secondary means of security is required on that device. i.e. a pin number or password as minimum or some other form of biometric access such as fingerprint reader or Face ID. – Where the Customer or their members intentionally (on inadvertently) ‘save’ any Fuellox password within any smartphone, computer, browser or equivalent whether it be the customer or persons private property you are solely responsible to ensure that person has other adequate security measures in place on that device to prevent access to the Fuellox website, services or App.

If you become aware of an account or password becoming compromised it is your sole responsibility to revise those passwords and prevent access to the Fuellox system for that account.

For additional information on how to create suitable password policies please refer to the Australian Signals Directorate Security Centre.