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Fuellox Standalone App:

What will it do for me?


Equipment Selection

Expand your Fuellox system to enable fast, reliable, and consistent equipment selection. QR Codes can be ordered with your system or added at a later time. The App will open your Camera. THE QR Code selects the Equipment, Compartment, Fluid, and a Preset Volume if you...

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Secure state-of-the-art communications ensure your data is safe and reliably stored in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.Sophisticated security features to ensure that your cloud-stored data is highly secure yet accessible without the constraint of location and...

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Fuel Transaction Parameters

Within Fuellox, there are many ways to capture extra data with your refuelling events.Choose from a range of additional parameters to collect with each transaction. Selection can be enforced or optional. Various options and setting to offer flexible or secure...

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