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Fuellox App Update

by | May 3, 2018 | Updates | 0 comments

Version 0.98.1XX

No Data? Go bush with Fuellox

A feature we have been promising for some time now has just landed. Got no reception? Poor Wifi? No network? Fuellox offers a comprehensive Cloud Based Fuel Management Solution Рeven without data. How is this possible?

The Fuellox App Operates seamlessly without data, so taking it out of Web Range is no problem. Once your team are back in range, a quick Sync is all it takes to get your Fuellox data up to date.

There’s a lot more to it and if you want more information, simply give us a call to discuss your application anytime.

What makes us different

We understand that sometimes our customer want to keep it simple. Not everyone wants to buy hardware, and rig up systems. How can we use our platform to offer the most value?

Fuellox can now be used in stand alone mode. That means you can throw out the clipboard and log books, and replace your tedious back office admin tasks with a state of the art fuel log book solution.

Ever wonder where it all goes?

Fuellox can now provide a seamless Sync Utility from the hardware to the app, and the app to the cloud.

This provides clarification of data and peer to peer validation of each transaction. This means your users are checking each others data and they don’t even know it!