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Enterprise Grade Fuel Management

We have redesigned the world of Fuel Management. Now anyone can have a powerful cloud based fuel management system.

Meet Fuellox

Works with any pump!

Fuellox works with any diesel dispensing pump* to create a world class Fuel Management system using the power of your smartphone.

Simply order your new tank with Fuellox pre-installed from one of our resellers or retrofit to your existing tanks.

*Note: Requires a Pulse Meter

Primary Benefits

What makes Fuellox unique

Portable + GPS

Take your Fuel Management where you need it.
Fuellox can go anywhere.

No longer constrained by ‘Networks’ and all your data presented on the map.

See WHERE your fuel was used.

Practical + Simple

Fuellox uses the camera on your smartphone to scan QR Codes fixed to your equipment.

Quick, reliable and secure.

Ensure your fuel goes into the right equipment.

Professional + Intuitive

Our simplified cloud reporting tool makes it easy to search and present your data.

Want to capture extra data with your fuel dispensing? Not a problem for Fuellox.

Works with Any Pump and Any Tank

Most Fuel Management systems are designed to work with expensive pumping equipment. They can work with ‘simple’ pumps however you are still paying for the high end ‘protocol’ integrations.

Fuellox does not have that, its designed to simply switch your pump on and off based on a operator meeting your criteria.

Talk to our team now to learn how you can install Fuellox to your fuel dispensing equipment.

Fuellox is ultimately Flexible
We can create an interface to suit your business and your requirements. Want more data? Enforce certain fields? All part of the package.
These background images show the various Fuellox app layouts..

Active App Users

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Thousand Litres Dispensed

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Active Sites

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Hours of Development

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Meet the Team

Meet the members of our growing team.
David White

David White

Founder & CEO

David has had many sales, marketing and technical roles. His most recent role was as a fuel system storage and fuel management equipment specialist. David has worked with many large customers including mining, and petroleum majors.
George Benca

George Benca

Technical Director

George has a long career building and developing high quality fuel system electronics. George has worked with many oil companies, mining companies and utility organisations throughout Australia.
Denver Hill

Denver Hill


Denver helps our customers get the most value from Fuellox. Denver has a background in Civil Construction and is an expert in heavy equipment compliance. Denver can be found studying here on campus at USC or in the IOTIQ offices.
Felix, a man of mystery brings an enormous range of talents to the team. Felix is a true master of software development, system architectute, an outstanding electrical engineer and a prolific GitHub contributor.

Felix has a background in industrial technology and has held senior strategy and engineering roles with heavyweight tech players we prefer not to name here.

Felix is hard to pin down, but you may find him climbing an ice pillar in the Andes, spinning decks in Palo Alto, presenting at React, Angular and Vue meetups or even hanging out at TED talks, but TBH you probably just won’t ever find him.

Felix Fax Ferraux MastEng(Elec), BAppSc(Math), Ph.D

Experience Director

Kathy Kolaric

Kathy Kolaric


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Position Open

Position Open

Developer & Systems Engineer

Seeking applicants to assist with Fuellox core development.
Position Open

Position Open

Support Engineer

Seeking applicants to assist our growing customer based.

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Let us show you how you can save $5,000 on Fuel Management today.

Download Fuellox and be part of the paradigm shift in Fuel Management.